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2014 Annual Conference of DUT-enterprises cooperation committee was held

Jan 16, 2015 

On the morning of November 26th, 2014 Annual Conference of Committee of Cooperation between DUT and Enterprises was held in Multi-Functional Hall in Bochuan Library. Liu Tiehan, chief engineer of Liaoning Provincial Economy and Informatization Commission and Guo Dongming, president of DUT attended the meeting and unveiled the plague for Liaoning Public Service Center of Inspection and Test on Small and Medium Enterprises. People who responsible for Economy and Informatization Commission of all cities inLiaoning, departments of Committee of Cooperation between DUT and Enterprises, some faculties of DUT and professors also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the Committee of Cooperation between DUT and Enterprises gave new membership to Shenyang North Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Shenyang TBEA Co., Ltd. and Liaoning North Crankshaft Co., Ltd, reaching 62 enterprises in total. He Gaohong, the deputy director of Management Committee on Panjin Campus signed the cooperation agreement with Chen Fenghua, deputy director of Economy and Informatization Commission and established Committee of Cooperation between DUT(Panjin) and Enterprises.

Guo Dongming expressed his gratitude to all those who had always been supportive to DUT. He also said that innovation was of great importance in DUT’s development. By practicing novel ideas to the construction of DUT-enterprises cooperation mode and establishment of innovative industrial platform, DUT integrated all the industrial and research sources and promoted the innovative development of leading industries in Liaoning province.

Besides, Guo Dongming also said that DUT would continue to serve and support enterprises and industries through cooperation committee between DUT and enterprises in the future. And he hoped that greater contribution could be made to the development of Liaoning’s technology industry.

Liu Tiehan granted full recognition to DUT’s contribution to economy development. He said that through all those years’ cooperation, the committee had accumulated plenty of experience and solved many difficult problems. He hoped that all the members could make full use of the committee, strengthen communication and play their important role in the economic development.

During the annual meeting, DUT made a report about working progression of the committee and introduced parts key projects of excellent professors. Meantime, Professor Liu Fengchao made a report on the innovative development of Northeast Old Industry Base. Attendants also watched the promo of Collaborative Innovation Center of Major Machine Manufacturing in Liaoning. Professor Sun Wei delivered a report about the works done by Collaborative Innovation Center of Major Machine Manufacturing in Liaoning.