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DUT hold 2015 opening ceremony

Sep 16, 2015 

September 15 – The west campus square is bustling with noise and excitement for the 2015 opening ceremony on the evening of 15 September. Attending the grand ceremony are Leaders including Wei Xiaopeng, Guo Dongming, Jiang Dxue, Li Chengen, Song Dan, Lu Zhongchang, Ning Guilin, Li Junjie, Jia Zhenyuan, Song Yongchen, Zhu Hong, Yao Shan, Bi Mingshu, Luo Zhongxuan, Feng Baojun, academicians including Qiu Dahong, Zhong Wanxie, Cheng Gendong, Wang Liding, Lin Gao, staffs from the respective offices and faculties, representatives of teachers, students, freshmen and their parents, as well as all the 2015 freshmen.


President Guo gave a speech to welcome all the 6319 undergraduate students, 4383 graduate students, and 406 foreign students on the ceremony. The speech is about why to go to university and how to live university meaningfully. University is the place where knowledge, talents and innovation originate, moreover, the spirit homeland of all the human beings. Those who are in university should set up a high ambition, learn profound knowledge, and cultivate critical thinking in order to make contribution to our country and the whole society.


Guo hopes the freshmen to remember the following three points: to aim high, to combine knowledge and action, and to think critically.

Guo also mentioned many details that the students should go to gym to exercise more often, to care for their parents and share happiness or sadness with them, to care for classmates and roommates, to train professional skill. The freshmen are hoped to realize the dream of themselves as well as DUT’s.

Prof. Cao Dun, representative of teachers, Zhu Hao, representative of PhD student gave speeches, sharing their respective experiences on work and research. Representative of the 2015 freshmen gave flowers to all the teachers, expressing greetings and sincere wishes.




The welcome party for the freshmen began after the opening ceremony, lightening night by the fantastic shows. Hope all the 2015 freshmen will realize their dream in the future.