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DUT host 3rd meeting of University Commission for Discipline Inspection

Sep 17, 2015 

September 15 – DUT host the third meeting of the third group of University Commission for Discipline Inspection directed by ME in room 512 in the main building, where committees from the Commission for Discipline Inspection of more than 15 universities including Tsinghua University, Fu Dan University attended the meeting and discussed how to conduct the discipline inspection work. Wei Xiaopeng gave a speech and Li Chengen host the meeting.


Wei warmly welcomed the committees. He briefly introduced the overall situation of DUT. According to Wei, “the general project to promote first-class university and discipline” has been approved by the deepening-reform central group, based on which DUT is to convene the thirteenth meeting of Party Congress to plan the development target during the thirteenth five-year period. The discipline inspection work in DUT has guaranteed powerful political foundation in aspects such as team construction and staff management etc.


Wei stressed on enrollment, bidding, infrastructure construction, administration of scientific research funds. The meeting provides chance to deeply interact with peers and learn from each other. Li introduced the overall construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government. Attendees also discussed around“how to execute the eight regulations of the central government, worship morality and law”.

It is acknowledged that ME has divided all the Commissions for Discipline Inspection into eight groups where DUT belongs to the third one.