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2015 freshmen finished the military training, followed by the inspection

Sep 23, 2015 

September 22 -- Red flags flaunting in the wind and the sun shining brightly, 2015 freshmen were inspected on the central stadium for the 12-day military training achievement report on September 22. Secretary of the School Party Committee Wei Xiaopeng, Vice President Jia Zhenyuan, Assistant Principal Luo Zhongxuan, and Vice Dean of PLA Dalian Naval Academy Senior Colonel Feng Hengxing attended the report meeting hosted by School Office Director Zhang Yanjun and awarded advanced classes and outstanding individuals. Attending the meeting were also Academic Affairs Office and student brigades of PLA Dalian Naval Academy, School Office, School League Committee, Students' Affairs Division, Academic Affairs Office, Selection and Training Office, and College of National Defense Education, as well as responsible officers for students’ affairs and school counselors of each college and school.

Senior Colonel Feng Hengxing and Vice President Jia Zhenyuan respectively delivered a speech on behalf of PLA Dalian Naval Academy and our school on the meeting.

On behalf of PLA Dalian Naval Academy, Senior Colonel congratulated our 2015 freshmen on their complete success of accomplishing the military training. He expressed how inspired and excited he was seeing the military parade. Students’ upright posture, high morale, loud slogans, and orderly performance fully presented the fruitful results of the military training. He expected that students would stick to this lifestyle, keep a positive attitude, and then be an upright person.

On behalf of our school, Vice President Jia Zhenyuan hoped that freshmen could cherish their achievements during the military training and internalize the fighting spirit into quality, good habits into principles, the sense of discipline into working style, and military skills into strong capability. Apart from that, he also anticipated that in the future study and life, they could inherit and carry forward the spirit of DUT which is to accept diversity, to strive constantly, to be virtuous and studious, and to unify knowledge and practice, and endeavor to become ideal, capable, creative, struggling, and noble people so as to undertake the time mission and make great contribution to the motherland.

Accompanied with the overwhelmingThe March of PLA, national flag guards with their chins up strode forward to the rostrum. All rose out of respect and watched the national flag raising along with the national anthem. Later, when the pacesetters were ready, there came the school flag and the march-past began. 21 square formations from different colleges and schools, full of confident, successively marched past the rostrum for leaders’ and guests’ inspection, showing the spirit and energy of DUT students.

The military training report-back performance of freshmen once again showed the fruitful results. The single-row queues were solemn and standardized; The roars of women’s military boxing team were so loud that could be heard outside the stadium; Semaphore team’s performance was fluent and full of changes; Square formations were lively yet dignified, magnificent as well as delicate; And the real CS tactical confrontation performance was so exciting, pushing the entire report-back performance to the climax.

After the performance, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office Miao Jun announced the list of advanced classes and outstanding individuals, after which leaders awarded advanced classes, outstanding individuals, excellent formations, and outstanding drill instructors. In the end, drill instructor representative Sun Mengqi and student representative Wu Yifan spoke respectively on the meeting.