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University cadres discuss on “being strict with oneself”

Sep 30, 2015 

September 29 -- DUT party committee holds the second session on “Three Stricts and Three Honests”. University cadres attend the meeting and discuss on “being strict with oneself, strictly obeying political disciplines of the Party and playing an honest role in the Party”. As the host of the meeting, Wei Xiaopeng demands the education of “Three Stricts and Three Honests” should be promoted solidly with in-depth discussion and problems of not being “strict” or “honest” should be resolved to advance the reform of the university.image001

Wei says that “Three Stricts and Three Honests” is of great importance in the standardizing process of monographic education. All members must be strict to themselves to lead others as exemplary models.

President Guo argues that all staff must strictly obey the principles and disciplines, shoulder their responsibilities and obligations as well as stay honest. Other attendants also express their understandings of this term and make commits to the university, the society and the country.