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Wei Xiaopeng met Wang Lianfang from Jingchu University of Technology

Oct 15, 2015 

October 14 -- According to the arrangement of Ministry of Education and the government of Hubei Province, Huang Guofu, the deputy secretary of the party in Jingchu University of Technology, is going to take the position of president assistant. On the afternoon of October 10, Wang Lianfang, the party secretary in Jingchu University of Technology, paid a visit to DUT and met Wei Xiaopeng etc.


Wei warmly welcomed Huang’s coming and briefly introduced the overall situation. DUT has been preparing for the first-class university plan, the thirteenth party congress meeting, and the thirteenth five-year plan. Huang’s work is a chance to promote the interscholastic exchange and therefore has been put great expectation on.

Wang expressed thankfulness for the platform in DUT. He said that taking position in different universities is a significant measure to promote educational innovation in Hubei Province. As the key university directly subordinate to Ministry of Education, DUT is a model to Jingchu University of Technology in various aspects which Huang could learn from.

It is acknowledged that University Office and Organization Department in DUT, and related departments in Jingchu University of Technology attended the meeting.