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Ideologicaland political construction—

Dec 23, 2016 马婧雯,姜娜


The seminar on Ideological and political construction was held at conference Room 412 of the main building on the afternoon of November 16th. Wang Hansong,Party Secretary of DUT attended the meeting. The conference required the whole school to adhere to the problem oriented,strengthen ideological and political construction,and let the ideological and political construction be a power force to promote the "double - class" construction

In the meeting, everybody shared their experience in ideological and political construction, meanwhile, deeply thought about the key points of the construction. They said that our school attaches great importance to the ideological and political construction, keeps on their further study and implements the central spirit, especially the inheritance of red gene theme education launched recently. To deal with the difficult and important issue in strengthening the ideological and political construction, they suggested that we should focus on the guiding function of teachers and the acting function of students; highlight the leading role of outstanding talents in the ideological and political construction; pay more attention to cultivate young teacher; effectively enhance teachers'and students'recognition and sense of belongings through theideological and political construction.

Mr.Wang stressed that ideology building is the important historical experience of the party building, which is also the most distinctive feature to tell it from other political parties. Each sub-party organization should put the ideological and political construction in a more prominent position. Think deeply about key and difficult problems in the work of Ideological and political construction; take the effective solution to solve the problem. What’s more, unifying thoughts of all the teachers and students into the central spirit provides a powerful ideological guarantee for the DUT "double class" construction.

Li Cheng'en, deputy Secretary of Party that our party had always put ideological construction in the first place. We should deeply understand the importance and urgency of strengthening and improving the ideological and political construction in DUT. We should have a high sense of responsibility and a sense of mission to do a good job in Ideological and political construction. Besides, we must work closely with the DUT work focuses to achieve the goal that ideological and political construction serves for the DUT development.