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Guo Dongming Holds a Talk with Su Guoping, Deputy Director of Xinjiang Commission of Economy and Information of Technology

Dec 23, 2016 Guo Pei, Zhang Jing

On November 21st,Guo Dongming,President of the Dalian University of Technology(DUT), held a talk with Su Guoping, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Commission of Economy and Information of Technology on boosting Xinjiang’s economic and social development with the help of both the DUT-Xinjiang Institute-Enterprise Cooperation Committee and the National University Industrial Innovation Alliance (NUIIA)in the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt.The meeting also featured Luo Zhongxuan,Assistant Principal of DUT and officials from the Science and Technology Research Institute.

Mr.Guo welcomed Director Su Guoping and thanked the Xinjiang Municipal Commission of Economy and Information of Technology for being supportive to the Institute-Enterprise Cooperation Committee and NUIIA. Mr. Su made a proposal that the two organizations should make more efforts in what they are doing now, with which Mr.Guo totally agreed. In addition, Mr.Guo requested faculty-level management to develop new ideas, capitalize on the existing strengths of the two organizations as a platform, strengthen the construction of information service platform, form a service platform for information release, communication and sharing between members of NUIIA and Xinjiang’s enterprises, and get more universities involved in Xinjiang’s economic and social development.

Mr. Su has been grateful to DUT’s support to local development in terms of talents and R&D, and noted that the Institute-Enterprise cooperation platform has solved the technical problems for many enterprises, enhanced their innovation capabilities and brought more economic benefits, for which the partnership has yielded fruitful results. Xinjiang is now vigorously promoting the building of the "Silk Road Economic Belt Innovation-driven Pilot Zone" in the hope of using the strengths of the platform and the Alliance which was initiated by DUT to further deepen the cooperation between Xinjiang and DUT, and to provide Xinjiang with more talents and technologies.