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President Guo Dongming met with Japanese Nagoya University Director Takeshita Noriyuki

Dec 30, 2016 马婧雯,姜娜

President of DUT Guo Dongming met with the director of Nagoya University in the room 312 of the main building on the afternoon of the 5thDecember. Both sides had a communication on promoting concrete cooperation between science and technology center of Nagoya University and the related subjects of DUT.

Mr.Guo welcomed Takeshita Noriyuki's visit. He said that Dalian University of Technology has always attached importance to international cooperation, and up to now has signed cooperative agreements with more than 200 international well-known universities. In June of this year DUT had formally signed a cooperative agreement with Nagoya University. Both decided to cooperate with teachers and students in exchange visits, resource sharing, joint research and other aspects. The visit of Takeshita Noriyuki further promoted the implementation of the agreement, which marked the two sides had arrived a new level and entered a substantive stage of cooperation. Both sides will reach a more extensive and in-depth cooperation in scientific research cooperation, joint training and other aspects of personnel.

Director Takeshita Noriyuki expressed that Dalian University of Technology has great advantage on some subjects, especially having rich experience in training innovative talents. Our visit aims to have a better understanding on DUT and make full use of the teaching experiment platform to promote the further cooperation between the two universities.

Some related teachers of two universities held a Dalian University of Technology - Nagoya University experimental technology and laboratory management seminar on the morning of 6th December. Nagoya University made a joint report and teachers of DUT also had some related reports. Teachers of Key Laboratory of precision and special machining, Mechanical Engineering Experiment Teaching Center also took part in the discussion.

On the afternoon, Takeshita Noriyuki and his party visited some of our school teaching center s and laboratories. The two sides had a deeper understanding on each other's work content. Meanwhile Takeshita Noriyuki warmly invited our school teachers to participate in next year's Third International Symposium on experimental teachers of Technology to enhance international communication among experimental teachers in order to provide more effective support and protection for scientific researches of DUT.