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DUT has Made Great Achievement in Research of Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery

Dec 30, 2016 Zeng Ting, Zhang Jing

Recently, the Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory of Professor Huang Hao, School of Materials Science and Engineering in DUT published a paper themed "Fe3N constrained inside C nanocages as an anode for Li-ion battery through post-synthesis nitridation" on “Nano Energy” (impact factor: 11.553), a top international journal in energy field. This study aimed at the failure of electrode powder caused by serious volume expansion of active substance during the cycle of lithium-ion secondary battery, which is a bottleneck problem, and proposed a carbon constrained iron nitride nano core shell structure. The structure can effectively inhibit the volume change of active material during charge and discharge processes, but also provide an effective path for the rapid transfer of the interface charge. The experimental results showed that the battery could still maintain the working capacity after 500 cycles without any significant attenuation. The reviewers give a high recognition of the new design and the electrochemical performance of the material.

The Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory explored key technologies to meet the national significant needs in the field of energy, such as preparation of nano materials, nano structure control, and high density energy storage of electrode and so on.