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2017 winter job fair held in DUT

Dec 30, 2016 马婧雯,姜娜

The 2017 winter large-scale supply and demand meeting was held at Liu Changchun Stadium on November 26th.510 companies brought more than 10000 jobs demanding. Among them, state-owned enterprises, universities and research institutes took up more than 40%. AVIC, CRRC, FAW, Harbin Electric and other key industries group affiliation, Beihang University, China University of Petroleum, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute, the Institute of metal and other colleges and universities gathered in recruitment and provided better employment opportunities for graduates .

DUT leaders were very concerned about the employment of graduates. Wang Hansong pointed out that we should attach great importance to the employment of graduates, and constantly improve the quality of graduates, transport outstanding talent to the country's economic and social development.Effective measures should be taken to solve the problem of employment in the new period, and to improve the quality of the employment. He emphasized that we should work for students, strengthen the guidance of graduates' employment, do a good job in helping students in hardship, improve the capability of graduates to promote the full employment of the 2017 graduates.

Mr. Wang Hansong had a communication with the deputies of Neusoft group, the wave group, China FAW Group, Shougang Group and other representatives of the employing units to know about the development of each industry and their demand for talents. He listened to their advice on the work of school personnel training and actively recommended the graduates of our school to them. He expressed that students from Dalian University of Technology have a solid knowledge, prominent character and great ambition.

At the job fair, Mr. Wang Hansong asked graduates about their employment intentions and encouraged them to face the challenge, be confident and active. What’s more, he believed that graduates should make full use of their strength, turn the patriotic feelings into practice, serve the country’s major development strategy initiatively, and realize the ideal of life in making contributions for the country.

Mr. Wang Hansong cared much about the employment situation of every specialty. He also inquired about the employment situation of graduates from related people of the Department of employment institution. He asked the department to attach great importance to the improvement of personnel training, strengthen the employment situation analysis and improve the employability of graduates to achieve high quality graduates employment.

DUT hoped that graduates can clearly understand the employment situation, grasp the favorable opportunity of the school recruitment, delivery resume actively and make full use of time and school resources to get a better job.