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The Newly-Established Zhang Dayu School Welcomes Freshmen

Dec 30, 2016 Zhang Jing

In September, the Zhang Dayu School admitted the first batch of honorary teachers and freshmen, which marks that the new synergy mode of science and education that DUT and the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences are working on with together has entered into an implementation phase. On the afternoon of September 13, the welcome ceremony of new students and employment ceremony of honorary teachers 2016 is held by the school in the multi-purpose hall of the Bochuan library.

Among those attendees are Academician Zhang Tao, President of the Zhang Dayu School, Chairman of DICP; Academician Li Can, director of Solar Research Department of DICP; Xu Guowang, Winner of the title of Distinguished Young Scholar, director of Biotechnology Research Department; Zhou Yonggui, director of Fine Chemical Research Office; Shen Wenjie, director of the State Key Lab of Catalysis Base; Zhang Donghui, director of the State Key Lab of Molecular Reaction Dynamics; Chen Ping, head of Research Department of Hydrogen and Advanced Materials of DICP. And Guo Dongming, President of DUT, Song Yongchen, Vice President of DUT, Heads of Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology and leaders of the Zhang Dayu School also attended the ceremony, which was hosted by Li Yang, Head of Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology.

At the ceremony, Guo Dongming granted employment certificates to those honorary teachers of the Zhang Dayu School, and welcomed new students and teachers into the school. He pointed out that the Zhang Dayu School is another project of cooperation between DUT and the DICP after long years of partnership, setting up a new collaboration mode in development of talents.