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Wang Hansong and Guo Dongming Visit Former Leaders of DUT

Dec 30, 2016 Zhang Jing

Recently, the present Secretary of Party Committee of DUT Wang Hansong visited Lin Anxi, Cheng Gengdong and Zhang Dexiang, former leaders of DUT who are retired, while Guo Dongming, President of DUT has paid a visit to Zhang Dexiang, to thank them for their devotion to DUT for a long time. Listening to the suggestions and expectations that those former leaders have given with regard to the development of the university, Wang Hansong and Guo Dongming said they will spare no effort in promote continuous development of DUT.

During the visit, Wang Hansong and Guo Dongming showed their concerns over how those former leaders have been doing with their life and health. They said that former leaders of DUT are our role models who have devoted their passion, efforts and wisdom to the university. Seeing the whole picture of the development of higher education cause, these veterans have seized opportunities of each period to keep improving the comprehensive education capacity and lay a sound foundation for the development of DUT. With an excellent tradition of running the university, DUT will be oriented to build a world-class university with state-of-art subjects and committed to the fundamental mission to deliver moral talents. Shouldering a task to serve the national major development strategy and regional economic and social development, DUT will see to it that a quantum development can be made in the cause of the university.

Wang Hansong and Guo Dongming said that former leaders are a valuable asset to DUT and hoped that they could continue caring about and giving suggestions and guidelines in association with the reform and development of DUT. Taking those advice and suggestions, DUT will work harder along with the faculty to create a better future, while providing life security to them.

Those former leaders said that DUT with a good tradition of running a school has made significant achievements in all fields, and is increasingly recognized and influential. They noted that they will be concerned about and active in making their contributions to the development of DUT. They are confident that the new leadership will make efforts with all the faculty to making DUT a world-class university with its own characteristics by following the tradition and spirits of the university.