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Wang Hansong Visits Mrs. Xu Lieying

Dec 30, 2016 Zhang Jing

On the afternoon of May 25, Wang Hansong,The present Secretary of Party Committee of DUT, paid a visit to Xu Lieying, widow of late Qu Bochuan, showing his concerns over her health and life conditions and appreciated her support for the university, while asking for her insights and opinions on the development of DUT.

Wang said Qu Bochuan, former president of DUT, devoted his whole lifetime to the cause of education and DUT. Faced with all kinds of difficulties and challenges at the beginning of foundation, Qu Bochuan, as one of principal founders, managed to attract a number of outstanding talents, which is the reason that the university has grown into a major university in China 11 years since it came into being, laying a solid foundation for its future development. As a well-known educator at a time when the People’s Republic of China was just founded, he was able to master the law of education and made a bold reform and innovation in his long-term practice. This has brought us a comprehensive and systematic system of educational thoughts, a treasure of China’s higher education that is in line with the actual conditions of China and has China’s own characteristics. We will keep learning and handing down the precious spiritual wealth that Qu Bochuan has left with us, to build a new landscape in development of our university and honor to him with our excellent performance. Wanghan Song thanked Xu Lieying for her care and support for development of DUT over those years, and hoped that she could take care of herself, while saying DUT will provide all the necessary security for her life.

Xu Lieying said she appreciated the concern and care that DUT has been offering for all these years, and she is glad to see a growing university as DUT is. She wished DUT a better and bright future.