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Increasing the Position, Showing Outstanding Features---Constructing Domestic First-class School of Marxism

Mar 24, 2017 Jiang Na

In order to implement the spirit of higher education political working meeting and push DUT School of Marxism into first-class, having distinctive features and internationally known school, DUT held an argumentation to discuss how to construct DUT School of Marxism and deploy the following working plan in multifunctional room of Bochuan Library on the afternoon 22rd March. President of DUT Guo Dongming and Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Hansong attended the meeting and put forward some requirements of constructing domestic key School of Marxism. Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Li Chengen held the meeting, Vice President of DUT Jia Zhenyuan, Vice Chief Accountant Feng Baoshan, the directors of Youth League Committee, propaganda department and all faculties from School of Marxism attended the meeting.

In the meeting, the president of School of Marxism Hong Xiaonan reported the construction scheme from present condition, construction aim, general requirements, main task, budget and other aspects. Numbers attending the meeting had a discussion and gave some suggestions on the report.

Mr. Wang emphasized that the construction of School of Marxism must deeply perceive the important mission put forward by higher education political working meeting, have a higher target location, broaden perception and be consistent with political, national situation.

Mr. Guo expressed that the construction of School of Marxism should focus on the construction of teachers. School of Marxism can not only absorb high- level teachers by talent introduction, but also hire part-time teachers and other flexible methods to supply. Mr. Li said that School of Marxism should accept the suggestions and optimize construction scheme.