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Wang Hansong Holds a Talk with Guests of SIPO

Mar 28, 2017 Guo Pei,Zhang Jing

Arranged by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.( SIPO), Zhao Yong, Deputy Director of Personnel Department, SIPO, is going toserveatemporary position withthe Dalian University of Technology(DUT). On May 2, Liu Bin, Director of the Personnel Department,came to DUT together with him.Wang Hansong, Secretary of the School Party Committeeheld a talk with them. The meeting also featuresLu Zhongchang, Vice President andDirector of the Administrative Committee of Panjin Campus, and representatives of the Organization Department and the Panjin Campus.

Mr. Wang noted that SIPO has been supportive of the university’s workin association withintellectual property over years, and set upa national intellectual property (Liaoning) training base and a national intellectual property strategy research base.Andalsowith the help ofSIPO, aintellectual property institute of DUT has been established. Looking forward, DUT will continue promoting the development of intellectual property disciplines, more intellectual property talents,boostingtheprocess ofChina being a majorintellectual property power.

Liu Binnoted thatthe State Council attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property rights, makes a series of arrangements to implement the strategy in which China aims to be a major intellectual property rights power, and incorporates intellectual property work into the 13th Five Year Plan. He hoped that Zhao Yong can be a good student who is good at work learning from the teachers and colleagues and familiar with his work as soon as possible, bring intellectual property work to a new level, and provide intelligence and talent support for the implementation of the strategy.