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Cohere alumni love, conspire DUT development

Mar 31, 2017 Ma Jingwen,Jiang Na

Recently, the secretary of DUT party committee Wang Hansong, president of DUT Guo Dongming visited some schoolfellows, took part in their activities, introduced the situation of their alma mater and worked together to discuss the future development of DUT.

On January 14th, nearly 200 TianJin alumni took part in 2017 new year party. Mr. Wang Hansong was invited, who introduced the DUT development situation and achievements He wished that everyone could offer more precious advice and give full support.

Mr. Wang and Mr. Guo expressed their welcome, Happy New Year blessing and gratitude to alumni participants who have always been concerned about the development of alma mater.

Mr. Wang said that Dalian University of Technology was the first formal university established by Chinese Communist on the eve of the founding of People's Republic of China and after the liberation of whole northeast in order to cater the economic cultural construction, which formed the unique DLUT Red Gene. For years, Dalian University of Technology has attached great importance to alumni work and their development, and wished they could consciously inherit the Red Gene, contributed their ideas and efforts.

Mr. Guo introduced the achievements of DUT in recent years which relied much on alumni’s support and contribution. He also said that alumni were our precious fortune and reliable power. We expected everyone can go on showing concern and participating the construction of DUT. Meanwhile, DUT would offer our care and support.

Schoolfellow Gao Dezhan gave full praise to school achievements in recent years and said that the school has maintained a good school tradition, especially the recent development of the inheritance of red gene theme education, which is of great significance for the further development of the spirit of DUT. He hoped that all teachers and students to inherit the fine tradition and make new and greater contributions to the development and construction of China.