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An Article from Guo Dongming, President of DUT Punished in China Higher Education Cultivating the First-class Innovative Talents Facing the New Times

Dec 20, 2017 

According to thereport of19th National Congressof CPC, educationis regarded as the basicproject topromote theGreat Rejuvenation of Chinese Nation. Building the first-class university requires educators to guaranteethepriorityof developingeducation andthebasic positionof cultivatingmorality. “Promoting the construction of first-class university and first-class subject and realizing the connotative development of university. ” These important statements provide instruction for doing better education and constructing first-class university.

The first-class university must strengthen students’ innovation ability. The first-class research university as the supporting power for China must focus on cultivating the innovation ability of students and guide them to make contribution.

The first-class educators must be forged by the first-class academic researches. Teachers play such an important role to guide students that teachers themselves have to be trained by various academic researches firstly.

The first-class talents must be trained during the fist-class academic research. It is known that exploring is developing. The first-class research university can balance the relationship between high-quality teaching and high-level researching.

Dalian University of Technology as the first formal new type university serving for the engineering system of new China founded by the Communist Party of China During the 68 years development, DUT insists on fostering elites, promoting science and technology, inheriting excellent cultures and guiding the social climate.