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The 8th Presidents Joint Meeting of Excellence 9 (E9) 2017 Presidents Forum Held in Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)

Dec 20, 2017 

On 16th December2017, the 8thpresidentsjoint meetingof the Excellence 9(E9)---2017presidentsforumwas held in the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen). Presidents of E9 gathered together tohave a further discussion on topics of carrying outthe spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, the construction of double first-class, cultivating talents and cooperating methods and mechanism of E9.

Guo Dongming, President of DUT attended the conference andgave a speech titled “Facing NewTimes Developing the first-classUniversity Re-discussing the Four Relationships in Constructing the First-class University”. Mr.Guo emphasizedthat constructing the first-class university should grasp “Four Relationships”. They are “characteristics and first-class”, “the responsibility of university and the function of university”, “university and subject” and “university and teacher”.

Mr. Guo had a further explanation. As for the relationship between characteristics and first-class, university can become first-class with its own feature. Between function and responsibility of university, Mr. Guo believed that the functions of university are various and the responsibility of university is in single. The unique responsibility on university is cultivating talents. On the relationship between university and subject, he thought that first-class subject supports the construction of first-class university and university should adhere to the development of subject. In addition, Mr.Guo talked about the relationship between university and teachers. He considered that first-class university should gather first-class teachers and the first-class teachers should be forged by first-class academic research. And university has to deal with the relationship between basic powers and key groups.

Zhou Yu, President of the Harbin Institute of Technology; Hu Haiyan, President of the Beijing Institute of Technology; Meng Weidong, Vice-President of Chongqing University; Wang Baoping, Vice-President of the Southeast University; Wang Yingjun, President of the South China University of Technology; Hu Wenping, Vice-President of Tianjin University;Wu Zhiqiang, Vice-President of Tongji University, and Zhang Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Northwestern Polytechnical University delivered speeches around the conference main topics. And related people from other E9, teachers' representatives and students’ representatives add up to more than 300 attending the conference.

At the president joint conference, Mr.Guoas rotating president concluded the work and achievements of E9 in 2017 and passed the E9 FlagtoZhou Yu,President of the Harbin Institute of Technology who is the rotating president of E9 in 2018.