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The investigation of the internal control construction of DUT held by the ministry of education supervision center

Dec 5, 2017 

Financial supervision center of the Ministry of Education organized experts to investigate the internal control of DUT from November 30th to December 1st. The investigation was carried out to promote the Ministry of Education to implement policies like "The ministry of finance's guidance on the overall promotion of internal control construction of administrative institutions" and "Internal control guideline for economic activities of direct university department (on a trial basis)".

Guo Dongming, president of DUT gave his hearty welcome to the ministry of education fund supervision center research group led by Xie Junzhan, the chief account and standing committee of the Xi 'an university of electronic science and technology. After that, 13 staff who participated in the internal control construction function department attended the conference in Room 413 of the Main Building. It was hosted by Li Cheng'en, the deputy party secretary of DUT committee and secretary of the commission for discipline inspection.

During the meeting, Mr. Xie introduced the intention and aim of this investigation. Mr. Li introduced the basic situation of the university to the experts. Yang Yuxin, the head of the supervision department made a report of the internal control construction of our school. The experts of the research group discussed the construction of internal control of universities and participants.

It is known that, the investigation would mainly focus on the evaluation of internal control construction, operation and supervision of colleges and universities, including the degree of implementation of internal control documents of the ministry of finance and the ministry of education, the results achieved, the focus on the implementation of the difficulties encountered in the implementation of the problems, etc. In order to improve internal control and risk management, all universities should grasp the key to introduce policies and conditions to promote more accurate understanding of internal control work.