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7 Class-A Subjects were Announced in DUT

Jan 4, 2018 Jing Wei

On December 28, 2017, the Degree Center of the Ministry of Education officially released the results of the fourth round of disciplinary assessments across the country. For the first time, this round of assessment evaluated the results using the "sub-file" approach. The scores were not published, the rankings were not published, and the inter-unit fine scores Differences and ranking before and after. According to the percentile of percentile, the first 70% of the subjects are divided into three categories (A / B / C) 9th and the top 2% (Or the first two) is A +, 2% to 5% is A (excluding 2%, the same below), 5% to 10% is A-, 10% to 20% is B +, 20% to 30% , 30% -40% B-, 40% -50% C +, 50% -60% C, 60% -70% C-.

DUT this time participated in 32 first-level disciplines, 26 first-level doctoral programs and six first-level discipline master programs. The rate of doctoral candidates was 96.3%. The total number of participating disciplines has increased by 39.1%, comparing with the previous round.


Our chemical engineering and technology and mechanical engineering ranked A (2% -5%), of which mechanical engineering jumped from 9.8% in the previous round to A (2% -5%), showing remarkable progress. Chemical engineering and technology Ranking percentile flat with the previous round. In addition, Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration are A- (5% -10%). A total of 19 subjects have been rated as Category B evaluations, of which 8 have entered B + (10% -20%).


The number of subjects that received the Type A evaluation accounted for 21.9% of the number of subjects evaluated (excellent rate). 46.9% of the participating disciplines entered the top 20% of the country, 68.8% of the participating disciplines entered the top 30% of the nation, and 81.3% of the participating disciplines entered the top 40% of the nation. 90.6% of the participating disciplines entered the country's top 50%, 96.9% of the participating disciplines entered the country's top 60%.


Compared with the results of the third round of subject evaluation, the number of subjects entering A, A- and B + has increased, and the rankings of 14 disciplines have risen, indicating that the level of our discipline has significantly improved.


Background information:


Discipline assessment is the Ministry of Education degree and postgraduate education development center (referred to as the degree center) in accordance with the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and the Ministry of Education issued the "degree award and personnel training subject directory" (referred to as the subject directory), with a doctorate degree Subjects to assess the overall level. Discipline assessment is a non-administrative, service evaluation project conducted by a degree center as a third party. It was first carried out in 2002 and has completed four rounds so far.


The fourth round of assessment was carried out in 95 first-level disciplines in 2016 (excluding 16 subjects such as military science disciplines), with a total of 7449 disciplines in 513 units (76% more than in the third round), higher education institutions in the country 94% of the disciplines that grant doctoral degrees are eligible to participate. Experienced material submitted, material verification, subjective evaluation, the results of statistics and release four stages.