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A primary-level ideological and political workshop was held in DUT

Dec 20, 2017 Liu Jianing

Wang Hansong, the secretary of the party committee of DUT, held a workshop on the afternoon of December 13th for the investigation on ideological and political work in basic level with the attendance of the deputy secretary and vice-president Song Dan, several relevant departments of the school party committee and related personnel. During the workshop, they listened to the advice on how to strengthen the ideological and political work given by four different faculties and schools in order to in-depth primary-level investigation and implementation of the national university ideological and political experience and characteristic practices and found out the main problems and provided a foundation in the new era on the first anniversary of the work among the universities.


According to the two topics, four representatives Hong Xiaonan, Zheng Baozhang, Zhu Fangwei and Zhang Li shared their own views and advice. With the guide of the conference spirit, School of Marxism made plans to educate more excellent teachers and provided many courses like "Introduction to Mao Zedong thought and the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics" in order to build a solid foundation of thought. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences had established excellent traditional culture courses to form a relatively complete education curriculum system for the humanity education. The Faculty of Management and Economics decomposes socialist core values into special topics, in-depth studies, detailed implementation and promotion of values into the mind. The School of Foreign Languages tried to strengthen the ideological guidance of foreign teachers in an innovative way. They also put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the construction of the teaching team.


"The rights to speak and to make decisions should be based on investigation," said Mr. Wang "which is an important working method for our party." Secretary Wang also noted that those frank words paved the best way for carrying out the important directive spirit of "clean government construction" issue mentioned by general secretary Xi Jinping. With the enlightenment, our university had conducted a lot of useful exploration to lay a solid foundation for the ideological and political work of the new era. And all the progress proved that DUT has the ability and confidence to attain it.


Wang emphasized that it would be the common duty to get more people educated. We should combine the spirit of the 19th National Congress with our practices. It should be widely promoted in the whole school and we need to carry on the ideological and political work with the characteristic of DUT. He required that relevant departments should provide feasible solutions after fully considerations and investigations.


The vice president, Song Dan, made it clear that the party organizations at all levels of DUT should continue the further study of the advance ideology and implement it faithfully. To further strengthen the target-oriented and quasi-directed thought, we should seek truth from facts.