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The 2017 Annual Meeting DUT-Enterprise Cooperation Committee was Held in Shenyang

Dec 27, 2017 Liu Jianing

On December 12, the 2017 Annual Meeting DUT-Enterprise Cooperation Committee was hosted by Liaoning Committee of Industry and Information and the Education Department of Liaoning and undertaken by Dalian University of Technology and the government of Tiexi District, Shenyang in Shenyang. The meeting was held to accelerate military and civilian integration industry development and to establish a collaborative innovation mechanism for production, education and scientific research for the economic transformation and upgrading of Liaoning province.

Feng Wensheng, the deputy director of Liaoning Committee of Industry and Information, Wang Yanling, the director of provincial government education supervision room, Wang Guangsheng, the Deputy mayor of Shenyang, Dong Feng, Mayor of Tiexi district, President Guo Dongming and Deputy President Song Yongchen presented in the meeting hosted by Chen Hu, the director of science and technology from Liaoning Committee of Industry and Information. Members of the school cooperation committee, Enterprise representatives in Shenyang, the relevant responsible person of industry and information committee from different cities, the press invited representatives and over 200 experts in different fields from our university also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, President Guo expressed that we would keep the model of rooting in and serving Liaoning province, keep discovering and innovating the collaborative innovation mechanism for production, education and scientific research, and dedicating to regional innovation system construction. We will conscientiously implement the spirit of the party, continue to serve the revitalization of the old industrial base in northeast China and the national strategy of integrating military and civilian integration, give full play to the platform role of the university-enterprise cooperation committee and strengthen the collaborative innovation in order to make Liaoning into a new high ground of national army and civilian integration, the new transport market of high-end innovators, the new position of transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the new special zone of innovation and entrepreneurship service.

Mr. Feng said that Dalian University of Technology has constructed a technology innovation system based on the integration of enterprises as the main body, the market as the orientation and the production and learning research and created a variety of effective school cooperation models since the establishment of the school enterprise cooperation committee. Liaoning Committee of Industry and Information will offer its great support to military and civilian integration, scientific and technological innovation, industrial upgrading and personnel training.

Director Wang Yanlin said the Military integration research institute would be sure to play a role in promoting and demonstrating the national strategy of implementing military and civilian integration in higher schools.

The provincial education department will continue to strengthen its efforts in scientific and technological innovation, encourage institutions of higher learning to participate in the construction of local innovation systems, service local economy development, and continuously improve the level of science and technology in order to contribute to Liaoning's economic revitalization.

District mayor Dong Feng said, Tiexi district of Shenyang city is the old industrial base of northeast China. We need to achieve transformation and upgrading and innovation and build a world-class equipment manufacturing base with the support from universities and research institutes. We believe that the integration of military and civilian and the combination of school and enterprise will help to realize the development of Tiexi district.

During the conference, our school signed to build the military integration research institute of Dalian University of Technology with Tiexi district government and 100 million support in five years. We signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement Xinghua aviation electric appliance co. LTD. Shenyang Odyssey ford technology co. LTD signed the agreement to jointly build the joint research and development center into the institute of military and civilian integration with our school of Mechanical Engineering.

It is known that durong the 17 years since the establishment of the university-enterprise cooperation committee of Dalian University of Technology (Liaoning), more than 700 scientific research projects have been carried out with 64 member enterprises, and over 300 million has been spent on scientific research.