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Keep Persistence on the Way

Dec 26, 2017 Shi Jinlu

Party School of Theoretical Learning Center Group (enlarged) learning conference to convey the spirit of the General Secretary Xi Jinping important instructions on style construction


In order to thoroughly study and to implement the spirit of the 19th National People’s Congress, a study meeting of the Party Committee of Theoretical Learning Center Group (enlarged) was held in DUT on the afternoon of December 20. This meeting was to convey the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on style construction, and listened to the reports on the work style. Wang Hansong, secretary of the DUT party committee, presided over the meeting and demanded that the whole university understand and accurately grasp the essence of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the "four winds" issue. Taking "nailing spirit" as a measure, he took practical measures and continued to focus on style building. Members of the theoretical study center of DUT Party Committee, the organization of the functional departments, units directly under the head of the party secretary of the two levels to attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Li Cheng'en, the deputy secretary of the DUT party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, conveyed General Secretary Xi Jinping's important directive on style construction. After Xi Jinping made important instructions on the "Four Winds" issue, the university conducted investigations, studies and arranged opinions and suggestions on various departments of the government agencies going to the grass-roots units for work style construction. Wang Yongtao, the party secretary of the organization, made a report on the investigation.


The secretary Wang Hansong said that General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in his instructions that "the seemingly new but in fact the old one" once again to indicate that the "four winds" issue was intractable and repetitive. It was impossible to stop the "four winds" focus on outstanding issues, come up with excellent measures, and solidly change. It stressed that leading cadres should take the lead in changing style, the formation of "head geese effect." General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important directive on the issue of "the four winds" and released a strong signal to the whole party and society as a whole to further correct "four winds" and enhance the style of work. This fully demonstrated that the Party Central Committee has firmly and completely controlled the party strictly and maintained a permanent Wind Discipline sharp stance and firm determination. This was an important period for universities to rectify and correct the "Four Winds". The university should profoundly understand and accurately grasp the essence of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the "four winds" issue. Taking "nailing spirit" as a driving force, he took practical measures to continue to pay attention to style building.

Wang Hansong pointed out that the organization party committee has reported the investigation and study at the meeting. The organization's style was good, but there was still a long way to go from the central government's request. Comrades should conduct in-depth examination and control, playing a leading role, with a strong sense of dedication as a starting point. It also grasped the implementation of the job responsibilities.

The secretary Wang Hansong made arrangements of the university to implement the spirit of the directive for the deployment: First, we must improve political awareness and enhance political commitment. We must understand more clearly the intractable and repetitive nature of the "four winds" issue, accurately judge the new situation confronting our work style building, and further unify our thinking and actions with General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions. The second was to adhere to the problem-oriented, carefully controlled check. Taking the good style of study, doing a good job as the standard in implementing the spirit of the Central Document. Adhere to the problem-oriented, control the actual work, in order not to relax the learning requirements; do not reduce the actual action to promote the change of style of learning. It was necessary in all the rules and regulations to maintain a high degree of consistency with the Central Party Committee, but also to do a good job in implementing the rules and regulations. However, it was supposed to prevent bundles, unilateral, static, and isolated learning attitude. Third, we must adhere to the above rate, lead legislation to change legislation. The university team took the lead, the authorities took the lead and the Party Committees at the second level took the lead in shouldering the responsibility of turning the work style into practice. In addition, the concept of "serving the grassroots and serving the teachers and students" was firmly established and a "first geese effect" was formed to drive the transformation of university style. Fourth, we must strengthen supervision and accountability and dare to touch the ground. Adhere to holding a monthly meeting to promote work and the accountability system, starting from themselves, with a good state of mind, with the style of continuous improvement to promote first-class university construction from now on.