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The Working Group of Dalian Education Science and Technology Talent Supply-side Reform Conducted Investigation and Survey in DUT

Dec 20, 2017 Shi Jinlu

To promote the supply-side structural reform of Dalian’s education tech talent to a further step, the related working group formed by Zhao Yang, the education secretary, Di Shujun, the secretary of Human Resources (HR) and Social Security, and Gao Dabin, the secretary of technology, paid a visit to DUT on the afternoon, Dec.18th, 2017. They investigated in many fields, which included scientific and technological innovation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivation and introduction of the talent, college graduates’ employment and starting a business, and education for staff’s children. President of DUT,Guo Dongming and vice Presidents Xue Hui, Bi mingshu, attended the forum.


Mr. Guo, on behalf of DUT, thanked the Dalian municipal government for its long-term support for the construction and development of DUT. He said that, DUT would take the duty to help to develop the national and local economy, and also tried to meet the national strategical needs. The top level of the world technology and the national economy would become the main directions in DUT’s development. The rapid improvement of DUT would not only provided more help to promote the Dalian’s local economy, but also need more support from Dalian’s government. Combined with the present situation in Dalian, our university would give play to talents and intelligence superiority, taking active part in offering advice and suggestions, which also related to the development of local economy and the city. To speed up the construction of "two firsts" and Northeast Asia science and technology innovation venture capital center, DUT would make greater contribution.

On behalf of the Investigation Team, Secretary Di Shujun thanked Dalian University of Technology for its important contribution to the economic development of Dalian for many years. He said that the development of the city was inseparable from the strong support of universities and research institutes, especially like Dalian University of Technology, which has already entered the ranks of first-class university in China. It had outstanding advantages in personnel training, technological innovation and achievements transformation. It was hoped that the school would provide valuable suggestions and suggestions for the reform of supply-side education and technology professionals in Dalian, especially the key issues that restricted the development of higher education institutions and research institutes in Dalian. This would help Dalian to create a favorable environment for talent development in the "two firsts".

In the forum, the participants discussed around the introduction of high-end talents, training of innovative entrepreneurship, scientific and technological innovation and achievements related to the reform of the policy support, such as conditions for security discussion.


Relevant personnel in charge of  DUT party personnel office, Graduate School, Academic Affairs Office, Enrollment and Employment Department, Science and Technology Research Institute, Technology Research and Development Institute, International Office, Human Resources Department, School of Innovation Experiment, affiliated high school, affiliated schools attended the discussion.