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One More National Local Joint Engineering Research Center was Approved in DUT

Jan 4, 2018 Shi Jinlu

In December 2017, with the help of DUT as the head unit, the State Development Planning Commission approved the project of "National Center for Integrated Thermal Energy Utilization Technology" (hereinafter referred to as "Engineering Center") declared by School of Energy and Power Engineering (high-tech of the State Development Planning Commission [2017] No. 2216). This is the first state-level engineering and technology innovation platform of our school's dynamic engineering and engineering thermophysics. At present, our national engineering platform has been increased to eight.

Based on Dalian Thermal Energy Utilization Engineering Laboratory, the engineering center cooperates with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Dalian Zeyang Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., integrating multiple resources. According to the latest national requirements for new energy industry and environmental protection industry, the engineering center focuses on the comprehensive utilization of thermal energy technologies. In the fields of hydropower and desalination technology, efficient utilization of low-grade thermal energy, high-salt wastewater treatment technology, new energy technology, Joint power cycle technology, wastewater treatment technology, waste heat recovery technology, and energy management technologies, research and development of innovative technologies and engineering applications, the establishment of energy-saving environmental technology innovation platform and transfer of scientific and technological achievements platform. In recent years, the engineering center and its core R & D team have made great efforts in technological innovation in comprehensive utilization of thermal energy, undertook a large number of major scientific and technological projects at the national and local levels and the technology development projects entrusted by enterprises, and achieved a series of achievements in R & D of engineering technology. They have won the second prize of national science and technology progress, the national energy science and technology progress award and many other science and technology awards. The engineering center actively promotes the deep integration with the leading enterprises in the industry, establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with many equipment manufacturing large-scale enterprises, such as Shanghai Electric Group and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. It has solved a series of technical difficulties for enterprises and solved many problems in production bottleneck. It has once contributed for our own construction of the first 10,000-ton desalination plant, the first large-scale desalination unit for export proposed effective technical solutions and improvements to create a clear economic and social benefits.

In August 2017, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Development Planning Commission printed and distributed the "National Science and Technology Innovation Base Optimization Plan" (NSK Foundation [2017] No. 250); in October, the three ministries and commissions issued the "13th Five-Year Plan" Base and conditions to support the construction of special capacity planning "notice (NSK Foundation [2017] No. 322). Development Center closely around the national science and technology innovation base of policy-oriented adjustment, focusing on building a world-class schools in the world, first-class subject of work, and actively communicate with relevant departments, combining the advantages of our school and fully integrate the school resources, planned and launched in 2017 countries Local joint engineering research center to declare the relevant work. The State Development Planning Commission approved the construction of the National Joint Engineering Research Center coincided with the national science and technology innovation base optimization and integration of the occasion. It also received wide attention in the industries, institutions of higher learning and research institutes.