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Dalian University of Technology held the 2017 Opening Ceremony

Sep 14, 2017 Jiang Na

On September12, 2017 Dalian University of Technology held 2017opening ceremony at DUT center stadium to welcome 6321 undergraduates, 4566 postgraduates and 400 foreign students from all around the world and China to become a new generation of DUTers.

DUT main leaders Wang Hansong, Guo Dongming, Jiang Dexue, Li Cheng'en, Lu Dan, Lu Zhongchang, Song Guiling, Zhu Hong, members of China Engineering Academy Cheng Gengdong, Wang Liding, Lin Gao and assistants of DUT president Bi Mingshu, Yao Shan, Luo ZhongXuan and vice-accountant of DUT attended the ceremony. Meanwhile, leaders from office and schools and representatives of teacher, in-school students, new-students'parents and 2017 new students attended the ceremony. DUT office manager Zhang Yanjun presided over the ceremony.

The ceremony started with majestic national anthem. Representatives of 2017 new students gave flowers to DUT leaders and teachers to express their best wishes. Teachers wear DUT badge for students to welcome them to join DUT.

Guo Dongming, President of DUT, on behalf of all faculty and 200000 alumni expressed warm welcome to 2017 new students and hoped that they can cherish the time, seize opportunities and try to make themselves become new college students who have dream, aim, merit and sense of responsibility.

Mr. Guo said that the main task of college is to strengthen moral education and cultivate people. DUT aims to construct a world- class university and cultivate talents. And it provides students a good platform.

Professor Yi Tinghua on behalf of all DUT teachers delivered a speech. He hoped that new students can set goal as early as possible and take actions. All DUT teachers will take responsibility to become excellent teachers.

2015 doctoral student Chang Yekui from Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering shared his studying experience and ideas. He wished that new students can cherish college life, practice red gene and try to realize self-value. Tian Hanzhi, from Faculty of Management and Economics representative of 2017 new students expressed that 2017 new students will take responsibility to practice red gene, set a goal and have a wonderful life in DUT.