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DUT Holding a Standing Committee of Communist Party (Enlarged) Meeting to Study and Deploy the Ideological Work

Sep 20, 2017 Jiang Na

On the morning of 15th September, an enlarged meeting of standing committee of communist party of DUT was held in center conference room of main building to study and deploy the work of ideology. Members of standing committee of communist party, members of DUT leaders , assistants of DUT president, vice accountant, masters of office and secretaries of every secondary communist party attended the meeting.

Wang Hansong, secretary of communist party of DUT pointed out that party central committee emphasized the extreme significance of ideological work from the development of communist party and state affairs since the 18th national Congress of CPC. Thus all cadres of communist party should carefully learn requirements and judgements of ideological work that are asked by President Xi and party central committee to improve the understanding on social, party and national situation. In addition, they should master the rules of ideological work and recognize the work of higher education from features and rules of ideological work.

Vice president of communist party of DUT Li Cheng'en expressed that college and university are the main battlefield and forward position of ideology. Therefore all cadres of communist party must mater efficient study methods, clear focus and seize the main battlefield.

Director of press center Zhou Fuzhan delivered a report on the DUT ideological work and made a explanation on situation of drafting special rectification report of ideological work.