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Wang Hansong Visiting the Alumni Association of

Feb 26, 2018 Liu Jianing

Wang Hansong, the secretary of the party committee of DUT, visited DUT's home of alumni, before the Spring Festival. Yang Kexu, the director of the alumni office, accompanied the visit. They expressed their best greetings and wishes to Dalian local alumni representatives, wished them having a good new year and recalled the precious memory in DUT.


Mr. Wang praised the high standard of their work and its great affection of inspiration. On the basis of nice previous working results, the association has realized a leap-forward development, especially the ideas and goals which has kept the same step with our university and helped it to develop better. He believed that further achievement would be made after they had a brand new activity site.


During the visit, Mr. Wang introduced the achievements and breakthroughs of DUT in the process of constructing Double-First Class Universities, shaping top-level students and facing the course evaluation. He said that DUT would never have too many achievements without the support of alumni and expressed his sincere appreciation on behalf of our university. He emphasized that next year is the 70th anniversary of DUT that is an important opportunity for all Duters to experience the development of DUT, to participate the construction of DUT and to give advices to DUT. As long as we gather together and work harder for the goal, we can make more contribution to fulfilling the Chinese dream.


Dong Changhai reported that Dalian Alumni Association would continue performing its duty as a social association to guide the vast alumni to be the disseminators and practitioners of the "Red Gene", strive to build the network of organization and communication, give full play to the bridge link of the alumni association, and build a platform for more alumni to cooperate together to make the home of alumni become more optimistic, connective, distinctive and energetic.


Dalian Alumni Association has already existed for 30 years since it was established in 1987. In the last year, the alumni work developed steadily in some fields such as doing ideological and political education reports to students, running two new graduates' job recruitment fair, establishing a platform for cooperation between the chamber of commerce and the Alma mater, visiting old alumni regularly and recommending "alumni of the year" and so on.