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Tan Chengxu, Dalian Mayor Visiting Members of Two Academies in DUT before the Spring Festival

Feb 12, 2018 Jiang Na

On the morning of 8thFebruary, 2018, just before the coming Spring Festival, Tan Chengxu,the mayor of Dalian, Hao Hongjun,Wang Jinliang, Luodongsheng, Wu Jihua some leaders of Dalian municipal government, and Wang Guang, commander of Dalian military subarea came to DUT to visit Professor Lin Gao, member of Chinese Science Academy and Professor Jian Xigao, member of Chinese Engineering Academy to express their best wishes in the new year. Jiang Dexue, Deputy Secretary of the standing committee of the party committee, Bi Shuming, standing committee of party committee and vice president of DUT accompanied the visit.Tan Chengxu, on behalf of Dalian Municipal government expressed thanks to two profrssors for their great contributions to the development of the state, local economy and society. Mr.Tan said that Dalian municipal government took innovation as the first driving force for leading development and took talents as the first resource for supporting development.


Academicians thanked Dalian municipal government for its long standing concern for science and technology workers. And they expressed congratulations on the achievements of the economic and social development in Dalian in recent years. They said that they would be always caring about and supporting the development of Dalian and making more contributions for Dalian technological innovation and revitalizing the northeast old industrial base.