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DUT Leaders Sent Sincere Condolence to Staff Working on the First Line and Students Staying at School during the Winter Vacation

Feb 13, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Wang Hansong, Secretary of Party Committee of DUT and Guo Dongming, President of DUT accompanied by Li Cheng’en, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of DUT, Song Dan, Vice Secretary of Party Committee of DUT, Zhu Hong, Vice President of DUT, Xue Hui, Vice President of DUT and relevant department leaders, visited staff working on the first line and students staying at school to express their care and the blessings in the new year.


On February 5th, Mr. Wang, accompanied by Li Cheng’en, Song Dan, Xue Hui, and the relevant person in charge, walked into the dormitory of Doctoral Students Apartment to show their concern about the winter vacation study, life, and holidays. They sent their best wishes to students and their families, and distributed lucky money and gifts to them.


In the substation, Mr. Wang shake hands with workers on duty, carefully examined the overall operation of the control room, and thanked them for their full support for the lives of DUT teachers and students.


In the security department, Mr. Wang Hansong learned more about the safety and security of the holiday campus, and expressed gratitude to the staff in the security system. He thanked them for sticking to their jobs during the holidays and hoped that the staff strengthened the video surveillance and put the responsibility for the safety and stability of campus into their hearts and minds to ensure that teachers and students would have a peaceful and harmonious new year.


On February 11th, Mr. Guo, accompanied by Li Cheng’en, Zhu Hong and the relevant department leaders, went to the maintenance center to check the heating conditions and send condolence to the staff on duty during the winter vacation. This was the first year of socialized heating in our school. Mr. Guo was very concerned about the overall heating protection of the school. Before monitoring system of the heat exchange station in the maintenance center, Mr. Guo knew about the operation status, heat supply effect and existence of heat exchange stations. He thanked the staff and asked the logistics department to cooperate with the heating company and ensure that teachers and students have a warm and comfortable holiday.


In West Mountain 21 Dormitory, Mr. Guo entered the room 321 and room 614 to greet the students who still stayed at school. “Is the holiday life convenient and is the dormitory cold?” Mr. Guo asked the students and concerned about their holiday life. He wished the students from all over the country and all ethnic groups have a happy Spring Festival. He also hoped that everyone would have a warm and colorful winter vacation.


At the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, more than 400 undergraduate students from various disciplines were preparing for the international model competition. Mr. Guo had a friendly talk with the students and watched the smart car demonstration. And he expressed his appreciation for the spirit of diligent research and hard work. He hoped that all students would inherit the fine traditions of the great workmanship and have the courage to create more success.


School officials, security offices, school unions, school committees, graduate schools, academic affairs offices, party committee student work department, asset management department, logistics department and other department heads accompanied the visit.