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He Dongfeng, the Chairman of CPMAC, had a visit in DUT

Apr 8, 2018 Jing Wei

On March 7, He Dongfeng, chairman of the Board of Directors and Party Secretary of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltdhereinafter referred to as COMAC led a team to visit DUT and conducted a comprehensive research and discussion on COMAC and DUT. President Guo Dongming and Vice President Song Yongchen and attended the forum.

 In the conference room, President Guo welcomed Chairman He and his entourage to visit and said that I am making every effort to speed up the construction of first-class universities. First-rate universities are required to cultivate first-rate talents, produce first-rate results, and make first-class contributions. Over the years, DUT and COMAC have established a good foundation for cooperation through the cooperation of domestically-developed large aircraft research and development. It is believed that this exchange will further promote the cooperation between the two parties to a new level and make more contributions to China’s “Country of Innovators Plan”.

Chairman He thanked DUT for its devotion to the development of China’s large aircraft. He said that through this research, he has gained a deeper understanding of the scientific research strength of DUT and the cooperation between the two sides has broad prospects. He hopes that COMAC and DUT can work together and go further to help China's aviation industry level up.

The meeting was chaired by Vice President Song Yongchen. Wang Bo, dean of the Institute of Science and Technology of DUT, gave an introduction to the science and technology work. At the meeting, the two parties reached an agreement on cooperation issues such as building a comprehensive cooperation relationship and jointly building a laboratory, stating that they will fully promote cooperation and achieve substantive progress as soon as possible.

Before the symposium, Chairman He and his party visited the National Key Laboratory of Fine Chemical Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis for Industrial Equipment, and Key Laboratory for Precision and Non-Traditional Machining Technology.

The teachers and relevant persons in charge of School officials, the Institute of Science and Technology, the Recruitment and Employment Service, Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics, Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology, Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, the School of Energy and Power Engineering,School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering attended the seminar.

Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China LtdCOMACis the main body of large-scale airliner projects for the implementation of national large-scale aircraft major projects, as well as the main carrier for the development of mainline aircraft and regional aircraft and the industrialization of China's civil aircraft. On November 2, 2017, the first aircraft of the C919 large passenger aircraft independently developed by China was formally rolled out at the Pudong base plant of the new assembly and manufacturing center of COMAC.