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The Standing Committee of the Party Committee (enlarged) Conference Held in DUT

Apr 8, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On the morning of March 4th, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee (enlarged) Conference held in the central conference room to study and review the “ten must” and “seven have” proposed by the President Xi Jinping. Taking Sun Zhengcai, Zhang Yang, and Yang Jing as typical negative examples, this meeting further deepened the comprehensive implementation of strict management of the party within the scope of DUT. Secretary Wang Hansong presided over the meeting. Standing Committee of Party Committee, university authorities, organs of the functional departments, direct affiliated units responsible person, the second-rank party secretary attended the meeting.

 Secretary Wang Hansong emphasized at the meeting that the whole school must effectively learn lessons from the above negative examples, resolutely implement the spirit of the Central Committee, further strengthen the “four kinds of consciousness” and firm up “four kinds of confidence”, and resolutely implement the Central Government’ s deepening and comprehensive strictness. The party’s various deployment requirements require practical actions to maintain the authority of the Party Central Committee and to centralize and unify leadership.

 Wang Hansong demanded that the Party’s political construction should be put in the first place. We must profoundly understand the profound connotations of the Nineteenth National People's Congress proposed to place political construction in the forefront of party building and the leadership of the party’ s political construction, conscientiously study and comprehend the spirit of a series of major deployments and important decisions of the party Central Committee on strengthening the party' s political construction. In practical work, he has practiced the actualization of his work, kept his head clear, has a clear-cut and firm position, and always remained absolutely loyal to the party.

 Secretary Wang also stressed that it is necessary to thoroughly understand the requirements of comprehensive and strict administration of the party. It is necessary to fully realize that the comprehensive and strict administration of the party will always be on the road and that there is no end to fighting corruption. The discipline of the party and the party’s demands can only be more and more detailed and stricter. Strictly eliminate the bad ideas of “loosely relieving” and “resting the feet” and resolutely prevent paralysis and ideological relaxation. With regard to the new and new spirit of deploying the party in a strict and strict manner, the specific requirements of the education system to strictly manage the videoconferencing of party work will be strictly enforced.

 Secretary Wang pointed out that we must conscientiously implement the responsibility for comprehensively managing the party’s work. The members of the leadership team and the responsible comrades of the second-level departments should effectively perform “one post with two duties”, manage the team well, their subordinates and their relatives They are supposed to pay attention to social interaction, pay attention to strengthening the moral construction of the family, and consciously purify the social circle and circle of friends, adhere to the rules of communication, always keep a watchful eye and strictly observe the bottom line of discipline.