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Wang Hansong went to the School of Foreign Languages having a discussion on promoting the development of School and the construction of course education for ideology and politics

Apr 20, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On the afternoon of April 10, Wang Hansong, Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, went to the School of Foreign Languages to listen to the situation of school development and experience on promoting the construction of the “course education for ideology and politics”. He had discussions with the first-line teachers on the development of schools and the construction of the “curriculum ideology” of the language subject. Song Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Principle of DUT, relevant officials of the Liberal Arts Office, the Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Academic Affairs Office attended the forum.

Zhang Li, Party Secretary of the School of Foreign Languages, presided over the meeting. Chen Hongjun, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages, reported the situation of School of Foreign Languages. Li Xiuying, Deputy Dean, reported the ideas and measures for the construction of foreign language courses. Du Fenggang, Qin Mingli, Wang Huili, Xu Mingying, Jiang Qun, You Zhishen, Ding Man, Cao Jingxiang, Bao Qian and other teachers gave their speeches. They discussed concrete viewpoints, combining their teaching and research experience.

After listening to everyone’ s speech, Mr. Wang stated that the progress of various work in School of Foreign Languages was in a good order and in a state of vigorous development. In particular, studies in Japanese and hermeneutics have already had highlighted features and had exerted a certain influence on the domestic subject areas. He hoped that School of Foreign Languages would make full use of the wisdom of the teachers of School of Foreign Languages to make them become an important resource for DUT lectures.

Mr. Wang stressed that the construction of “course education for ideology and politics” should be based on strengthening morality education which was the basic task of DUT. The teacher's responsibility was to teach and educate students. The young teachers of this generation have caught up with the great times and were expected to play a constructive role on the road to construct a strong country. Every teacher should not underestimate themselves. They must use a longer-term perspective and a higher station to understand the duty and mission to master the growth of young students. Furthermore, students who are growing up not only need to learn and master the tools to transform the world, but also need to “catch up the first button in life” and lead the direction of life growth with the right values. The majority of teachers should take the lead in values as a conscious action, and cultivate qualified constructors and reliable successors as the value orientation of “course education for ideology and politics”. To explore scientific teaching methods, foreign language study was supposed to be taught in that language. It was foreign culture which the great course our nation has stood up from. Being rich and strong was based on the assimilation of all achievements of human civilization and achieved through the common struggle of all Chinese. Our country has always adhered to the Marxist cultural view of the cultural issues of ancient and modern comparison. Now China has still adhered to the principle of "mainly for me and for my own use." When teachers of the School of Foreign Languages were teaching languages, they must “do not hold both ends”. They could neither fully westernize nor conservatism, and they must adopt correct cultural concepts to realize the correct transmission of values.

Mr. Wang pointed out that they must use the achievements of outstanding scientific research to serve as a think tank and create new achievements in the “four services”. The Academy’ s scientific research has broken through the limitations of language tools, extended into the field of culture, and conducted in-depth research on practical and theoretical issues. This was an advantage of the academy. The party and the country had needs and expectations for the philosophy and social sciences, and schools must act. It was hoped that the School of Foreign Languages would strengthen the linkages within and outside the itself, take forward cutting-edge and authoritative research results in several fields, give full play to the role of theoretical research and decision-making consultation, and send out the voice of great work in the construction of think tanks, contributing to the wisdom of the School of Foreign Languages in the “four services”.

Mr. Wang Hansong said that the School of Foreign Languages must strengthen the building of a talented team. Talent was the first resource. The importance of talent could not be overemphasized. This year, DUT has established a clear task statement and set targets for the establishment of a talent team for the School of Foreign Languages. In the face of heavy burdens, he hoped the School of Foreign Languages would have the spirit of progress that was more difficult and forward, and come up with new methods and new ideas to ensure the successful completion of all tasks.

Mr. Wang stressed that the School of Foreign Languages should make progress in promoting the internationalization of itself. The unique academic characteristics and academic attributes of the School of Foreign Languages determined that it should play an important role in the internationalization. The School of Foreign Languages should have a sense of responsibility for “responding to who it belongs to” and take the initiative, active participation, and active planning to take the lead in promoting the internationalization.

Mr. Wang emphasized that the School of Foreign Languages must comprehensively strengthen party building and consolidates party branch building. As an important platform for promoting ideological understanding and strengthening the exercise of the party spirit, the party branch should enhance all aspects of political life, firmly establish the awareness of the party members, give full play to the vanguard role of the party members, and promote its careers with strong combat effectiveness.