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The Supervision Team of Dalian Municipal Committee Visits DUT to Oversee Ideological Work

May 11, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On the morning of April 26th, the supervision team of Dalian Municipal Committee supervising the ideological work conference of DUT was held in the main building 412. Li Pengyu, member of the Standing Committee of the Dalian Municipal Committee and Publicity Department, and Wang Hansong, Party Secretary of DUT, attended the meeting. Song Dan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Principle of DUT, made a special report.

After listening to the report, Li Pengyu stated that the party committee of Dalian University of Technology attached great importance to ideological work and had bright spots and unique features, which was a benchmark for ideological work in all colleges and universities in Dalian. The purpose of this supervision task was to study and implement Xi Jinping's requirements for ideological work, implement the requirements of the Provincial Committee and the Municipal Committee, especially during the central inspection time, and further understand the ideological work in colleges and universities.

Li Pengyu asked that Dalian University of Technology should firmly master the leadership of ideological work, realize the planning and institutionalization of ideological work, and build an ideological work pattern. He said it was necessary to highlight the ideological and political construction and apply the work of strengthening moral education and people cultivation throughout the entire process of education and teaching. It was essential to strengthen the management of ideological positions, and take a clear stand against and reject various erroneous trends of thought. Furthermore, it was necessary to strengthen the study of Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and firmly maintain the ideological position in colleges and universities.

Secretary Wang Hansong stated that Dalian University of Technology had distinctive red genes. Firmly standing on the ideological front was an important tradition of DUT. Colleges and universities were the forefront of ideology and were the centers of integration of various cultures. Establishing a defensive line to resist the influence of various erroneous ideological trends was a fundamental responsibility and mission of DUT. He stressed that DUT had the ability and confidence to make ideological work well done, and would continue to stand on the strategic heights of the successors of the party and the country to profoundly understand the importance of doing ideological work, consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in universities, and firmly grasp the right to speak, to lead and to manage of the ideological work. Having the spirits of perseverance and persistence of “only when it is not completed when it is done” to carry on the ideological work. Located in Dalian, Dalian University of Technology had the desire and ability to take greater responsibilities and make greater contributions to promote local economic and social development.

Party Publicity Department, Party Committee Student Work Department, Party Committee Postgraduate Work Department, Party Committee Security Department, Party Committee United Front Department, International Education Institute, Institute of Science and Technology and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.