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Keep the mission in mind and strive to be the first-rate talent

Apr 30, 2018 Liu Jianing

The closing ceremony of the science and technology festival for post graduate and the awarding ceremony for outstanding post graduate academic representatives and supervisors were held in the Main building on the afternoon of April 27th. Mr. Guo gave speech and encouraged the students to keep the mission of hardworking in mind and strive to be talented. Jia Zhenyuan, the vice president of our university and the relevant of the School of Graduate Students, the vice deans of different faculties and schools and the teachers and students who achieved the awards attended the meeting. The ceremony was held by Li Zhe, deputy minister of the work department of the post graduate.

Mr. Guo expressed his congratulations to the students and his admiration to their supervisors. He encouraged all students who should have big dreams and be the top-level talent. His hope can be concluded into three points: First, to fortify their idea and conviction; Second, to keep the idea of innovation and development; Third, to be skillful to solve the problems correctly.

In the meeting, Mr. Jia declared the list of commendations and gave the awards to students and supervisors. The representative teacher, Professor Shi Chuan from Faculty of Chemical, Environmental and Biological Science and Technology and the student Deng Chenghao from School of Physics gave their speeches to share their experience.

In the past 2017, the awards of outstanding thesis for graduate students in our university were fruitful. 9 doctoral dissertations and 19 master's dissertations have been awarded as the excellent thesis in Liaoning Province. 6 people won the special scholarship for Excellent doctoral dissertation of university, 21 people won the university's excellent doctoral dissertation single scholarship,:24 people were awarded the title of academic star of postgraduate, and 79 people won national awards in the "China graduate innovation practice series competition".

In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, to improve our construction of the top-level university, to create the atmosphere for academic research in the campus and to develop the spirit of scientific research and the ability of innovation. The School of Post Graduate Students has held several activities to set up an academic exchange platform for post graduate students, to achieve academic exchanges among different disciplines, to enhance the consciousness of post graduate science and technology innovation, and to enrich the connotation of post graduate training inour university.