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Implementing the Health Works in Order to

Apr 27, 2018 Liu Jianing

The key points of DUT work in 2018 are to further promote the health project and improve the constitution of teachers and students. To fully understand the implementation of the health engineering process, Wang Hansong, Jiang Dexue, Song Dan, Xue Hui and the head of DUT office paid their visit to Liu Changchun Stadium to listen to the report of the relevant staff. The activity needs the cooperation of all the departments in the university to implement the health consciousness deep in hearts in order to provide the service and guarantee the healthy work and happy life of the teaching staff.

After listening to the report, Mr. Wang gave full recognition to the efforts of all departments to promote health engineering and improve the physique of teachers and students. He said that having a strong body is the foundation for staff and students to devote themselves to work and study, to build a first-class university. The leaders of DUT have always been caring the health of all faculties. They hope that through health engineering, everyone can strengthen their health awareness, master health common sense, scientific exercise, and healthy and happy working life.

Mr. Wang pointed out that we should attach great importance to and conscientiously implements the health project, and put the health awareness in heart and put the health project into practice. The leaders should give their full care to all the teaching staff, the colleges should care about each other, and individuals should strengthen their health awareness. Annual physical examination system of faculty should be put into practice in order to improve the physical examination service ability and level. We should strengthen common sense and common medical knowledge to improve health awareness and self-protection. We should strengthen the scientific guidance of fitness sports, and give personalized professional guidance to individual physique.

During the session, reports on Staff medical conditions, sports teaching, physique monitoring, fitness venues to use, and health guarantee fitness association, construction, logistics service project implementation situation, the existence question and the target move were given by Ma Lingyu, the dean of university's hospital, Mr. Li Fansong, the director of Physical Education Department and so on.

After the meeting, Mr. Wang watched the basketball match in Liu Changchun Stadium and cheered for all the players.