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The acceptance summary of our research and innovation team and the

May 21, 2018 Liu Jianing

The acceptance summary of our research and innovation team and the annual progress inspection meeting were held on the afternoon of May 11th in the meeting hall of the Main Building. President Guo Dongming, Vice President Song Yongchen, the President Assistant Luo Zhongxuan and the relevant from the reaserch and innovation team attended the meeting. The meeting was held by Wang Bo, the Dean of the Institute of Science and Technology.


Mr. Guo in his speech pointed out that the scientific research team is the main force of our university's scientific research output. It plays an important role in the construction of first-class disciplines in the university. The scientific research team has generally developed well, but the team leader should think and plan the overall construction and development of the team from a higher level. Mr. Guo emphasized that team leaders should seriously think about, integrate the research results of distinctive advantages to form distinct team logos, create the characteristics of the team, promote the team’s position for important academic organizations at home and abroad, and have crisis awareness. We should put an end to defensive thinking, early and regular refinement and integration of existing research results; be good at planning for development, planning direction, encourage and support team members to explore new research directions, combine the country’s major development needs, and continuously promote team development through cross-integration.


Vice President Song Yongchen in summary affirmed the work of the research and innovation team, and pointed out that each team leader should have a broader mind and a higher position. He should seriously think about active planning, and strive to open up new research directions and cutting-edge cross-sections. We must aim at the country's major needs and strive to undertake major projects with significant influence and signage. We have made major breakthroughs in the approval of national awards and the publication of high-level academic papers.


During the meeting, Mr. Wang briefly reviewed the construction history of the scientific research and innovation team in DUT, introduced the overall construction of the existing innovation team, and interpreted the recently revised methods and implementation rules of the scientific research and innovation team. The DUT research and innovation team leader who accepted the conclusion of the project carried out several aspects such as team building management, research direction and innovation of characteristic advantages, team building and personnel training, contribution to the base and discipline construction, and implementation of the team project. The report was summarized and the participating experts conducted item-by-item checks and targeted questions. After that, the participants also reviewed and scored the annual progress of the 23 DUT research and innovation teams established for 2015 and 2016, and actively discussed the construction standards, assessment indicators, and related incentive policies of the DUT's research and innovation team.