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President Guo Paid a Visit to DUT Panjin Campus

May 30, 2018 Liu Jianing

In May 25th, a visiting group led by President Guo Dongming paid their visit to DUT Panjin Campus to give their greetings to students and teaching staff there. As the senior students are going to have their graduation, Presidents Guo takes photos with them and hold sessions with representative of teachers and students. Accompanied him were Mr. Li Cheng'en, Mr. Zhu Hong, Mr. Yao Shan and the relevant of several departments.


Mr. Guo made his sessions with representative of postgraduate students, undergraduate students and teaching staff, expressed his congratulation on all the students who are going to graduate from our university and his appreciation to the hard working and devotion of all the teachers. He listened to and noted down their feelings on growing and developing together with our university, their suggestions and opinions on the future development of their campus.


All the graduate students appreciated the education of our university and expressed that they are proud of being one of the members of DUT. Suggestions on improving basic facilities, medical security, and academic atmosphere and so on were given as the best wish to make Panjin Campus better and better, to construct our university into a top-level one all over the world. The teachers talked about their feelings on working here, and they believed that with a new environment, Panjin Campus would surely make progress and more efforts in the development of the campus. At the same time, they hoped that our university can offer more support and help in the construction of faculty, curriculum teaching and other aspects.


After listening to their words, Mr. Guo extended his appreciation on the efforts and devotion given by Panjin Campus. Since its establishment, it has witnessed the great development on, for example, personnel training and scientific research, which strongly supported our university in its construction. Though there must be some problems at the beginning, we can get together to solve them. And we will give full support to the construction and development of Panjin Campus. All teachers and students should not only fully understand the realistic conditions of the initial stage, but also fully realize the bright prospect of future development. Therefore they can focus on building their own distinctive characteristics and strong advantages. During the session, Mr. Guo wished all the graduate students a bright future and hoped that they could achieve their own dreams.


Mr. Guo also paid a visit to the municipal party secretary of Panjin, Mr. Fu Weizhong to made further discussion on constructing the Panjin Campus. Mr. Guo appreciated the support given by the municipal government and said that, our university would continue to serve national and local economic and social development to support the development of Panjin. And we hoped that the municipal government would continue to support the development of the campus and make the construction of Panjin Campus a model of cooperation between the university and local government. Mr. Fu said that, the Panjin Campus of Dalian University of Technology could be a landscape of the city. With the original intention of supporting the education, the municipal government would give full support to the development of the campus. And he hoped that it could bring improvement in personnel, culture, science and technology in return.