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The Key Projects of Consultation and Research of the Chinese Academy of Engineering undertook by DUT was concluded in Beijing

Jun 19, 2018 Shi Jinlu

 Recently, the assessment meeting of the key consulting project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, “Research Progress in Manufacturing Engineering Science, Competitive Trends, and China's Countermeasures” undertaken by DUT, was held in Beijing. Academician Du Shanyi, Academician Wang Tianran, Academician Tan Jianrong, Academician Li Tongbao, Academician Hu Yongkang, Academician Jiang Zhuangde, Academician Liu Yongcai, Academician Ding Rongjun, Academician Yang Huayong, Academician Jian Xigao, and other experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering Comrades attend the final meeting. Relevant persons in charge of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Mechanical Engineering, the Liberal Arts Construction Office and the Finance Department attended the meeting.


At the conclusion of the project, Academician Guo Dongming, who was in charge of the project, first welcomed all the experts and introduced the relevant background and basic conditions of the project. The deputy head of the project team and the deputy director of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor Ding Kun, reported the implementation status and major research results of the project on behalf of the whole team. The participating academicians affirmed the research methods and the conclusions of the project. They believed that the project team has done a lot of detailed work carefully. The conclusions and recommendations of the research report were strategic, forward-looking, and comprehensive. Furthermore, some new ways, such as the scientometrics, the scientific knowledge map and text mining methods, which were original, were used in this research. They all unanimously agreed to conclude the project. Experts also put forward their own opinions on the sources of data and policy suggestions in the research report. It was suggested that the project team further sort out the relationship between sub-topics and sub-reports so as to make the research report more refined.


Academician Guo Dongming expressed his thanks to the academicians for their opinions and suggestions and explained the issues raised by them. He also said that this time undertaking the research project “Research Progress in Manufacturing Engineering Science, Competitive Situation, and China’s Countermeasures” was a brand-new attempt to use the methods of social science to determine the scientific issues of manufacturing engineering. It was the first time for Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of DUT to undertake a consultative research project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and was able to receive the approval and comments of academicians and experts. This has enhanced the confidence of the project team and broadened the horizons; the Chinese Academy of Engineering Consulting Project was an important route and carrier for the construction of national high-end think tanks of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The Chinese Academy of Engineering’ s Department of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering has always had a fine tradition of advising on politics. It has suggested that a number of adoptions by China, including the “Made in China 2025” strategy, which aimed to build a strong country, and the development strategy for civil-military integration, etc., have become major parts in the development of our country. Principle Guo Dongming’s team carefully conscientiously reviewed the suggestions made by the experts of the academicians. By undertaking the “Manufacturing Engineering Science” consulting project and the next “Manufacturing Engineering Technology” consulting project, he would make more efforts for the implementation of the development strategy to make bigger contributions to “China Manufacturing 2025”.


The “Manufacturing Engineering Science” consulting research project was established in 2016. It was led by Principle Guo Dongming, and the Institute of Science and Technology Management of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The project was divided into 5 sub-topics and 10 topics. The total number of teachers and students participating in the project was as many as 40. The engineering experts from School of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics, and Faculty of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering participated in the project. They have done many demonstrations and researches together. It was an important time for explorations and implementations of DUT in the cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research.