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A first-aid knowledge lecture was held in DUT

May 14, 2018 Shi Jinlu

In order to further promote health project and popularize first-aid knowledge, on the afternoon of May 10, the “All Learn First Aid and First Aid for All” lecture, jointly sponsored by DUT infirmary and the labor union of DUT, was held in the main building. Party Secretary Wang Hansong presided over the lecture, Liu Jintao, the director of the Municipal Ministry of Public Health and Family Planning Commission, and Jiang Dexue, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of DUT, and some officials of the Municipal Emergency Medical Center and some teachers and staff of DUT attended the lecture.


Secretary Wang Hansong stated that having a strong and healthy body was the foundation and guarantee for teachers and students to devote themselves fully to work and study and to the construction of first-class universities, and was also an important basis for realizing the value of a happy life. DUT has always attached great importance to the physical and mental health of teachers and students throughout the campus. It has adopted a series of measures to improve the physical constitution of teachers and students, and has listed the work points of DUT in 2018 as “promoting health projects in depth and effectively improving the physique of teachers and students”. All the faculties and departments of DUT were supposed to implement the health project earnestly, bring health awareness to people's minds and let everyone master healthy knowledge, exercise physically, work healthily and live happily.


Director Liu Jintao stated that the health and health work guidelines in the new period clearly stated that health work must be focused on the grassroots level. As one of the measures to implement the “six-into-one” activities in health education, the Municipal Ministry of Public Health and Family Planning Commission had the responsibility to share health knowledge with all the schools and to serve teachers and students well.


Wang Yan, Deputy Chief Physician of the Municipal Emergency Medical Center, gave a detailed introduction to the definition, basic patterns, main tasks, and the significance of learning CPR for pre-hospital care, and demonstrated the CPR procedure.


Before the lecture, Secretary Wang Hansong met with Director Liu Jintao and his group in Room 312 of the main building. Deputy Secretary Jiang Dexue, head of the school union, school hospital of DUT, and logistics departments accompanied the meeting.

Attachment: Lecture video