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Welcome to Dalian University of Technology

Sep 6, 2018 Liu Jianing

With dreams and great expectation, students from all over the country entered our university and became new comers of 2018 on September 1st and 2nd. During the process of registration, the leaders including Secretary of School Party Committee,Wang Hansong and President,Guo Dongming visited the registration sites and conveyed their greetings to all staffs  and new students.


On the morning of September 1st, Mr. Wang Hansong visited the registration sites of undergraduates and postgraduates and their dorms to check the process of enrollment.


In the registration site of undergraduates in Xishan Dormitory Area, Mr. Wang asked about the supporting policies for poverty-stricken students, the number of students who applied for the student loan and the process of their application. Mr. Wang gave gifts to representatives of these students and encouraged them to study hard. 


Mr. Wang also talked with new students and their parents and encouraged new comers to make good use of college life and realize their dreams. After asking about the registration process, Mr. Wang encouraged everyone to work with enthusiasm .In the registration site of postgraduates, Mr. Wang heard the details about the situation on their enrollment and appreciated the hard work of every one. After meeting students in Dorm Area C , he asked relative departments to ensure students work in all aspects.


In School of International Education, Mr. Wang talked with foreign students and encouraged them to become ambassadors to promote communication between China and the world.


On the afternoon of the first day, Mr. Wang Hansong paid his visit to the Development Zone Campus. He encouraged the serving staffs to prepare the enrollment work with enthusiasm and urged new students to study hard here and make new progress.


On the morning of September 2nd, Mr. Wang went to Panjin Campus to meet new students, thier parents and serving staffs. He hoped all staffs could serve the new students and their parents enthusiastically. He also encouraged students to adapt to the university life as soon as possible, and to seek truth and growth in the university.


On September 2rd, Mr. Guo Dongming visited the registration sites and dormitory areas in Lingshui Campus. And in postgraduates' square, he appreciated the hard work of staffs there.At the sites of faculties and schools, Mr. Guo learned details of the registration work and appreciated all working staffs. In the dormitory area, he encouraged the freshmen to adapt to the new environment and help each other to live here together. After learning the details, he hoped all new students could adapt to the environment as soon as possible, and could learn to be independent, cherish the youth and succeed in the future.In “Green Channel” sites, he asked staffs to strengthen policy implementation in order to ensure smooth enrollment of students from poor families.