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Grasping the Dominance of Ideological Work

Sep 17, 2018 Liu Jianing

On the afternoon of September 5th, the Party Committee Standing Committee (expansion) Meeting and the (expansion) Learning Meeting of Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group was held to convey the spirit of the ideological work conference of Liaoning Province. Hosted by Mr. Wang Hansong, the meeting invited Mr. Xue Hui, the vice president to convey the spirit of the conference in Liaoning Province. Participants attending the meeting were members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the university, leaders of the university, assistant to the principal, deputy chief accountant, heads of functional departments and directly affiliated units, secretaries of party organizations at the second level, deans of schools and faculties, deputy secretaries in charge of party affairs and student affairs, etc..


Mr. Wang pointed out that higher education plays an important role in country's mainstream ideological work and ideological security, which is vital to the long-term development of the cause. The whole university should realize the importance of ideological work, and make efforts to implement the work that needs long-term persistence and long-term success. Party and governmental organizations at all levels should regularly carry out ideological study, strengthen the consciousness of "party and government responsibilities" and "one post and double responsibility", and implement various tasks. Cadres at all levels should criticize the wrong thoughts and viewpoints and grasp the dominance of ideological work.