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Wang Qiyao, Chairman of Dalian CPPCC, came to DUT to visit the Academician Cheng Gengdong

Sep 25, 2018 Shi Jinlu

Recently, Wang Qiyao, chairman of Dalian CPPCC, came to DUT to visit Cheng Gengdong,the academician of the Chinese Academy of Science. On behalf of the Party Committee of Dalian and the Municipal Government, he extended the festive greeting and high respect to the academician. Jiang Dexue, First Deputy Secretary of the school party committee,and the relevant people in charge of the party committee talent office also attend the visit.


Wang Qiyao thanked Cheng Gengdong for his great contribution to Dalian's economic and social development over the years. He hoped that Mr.Cheng would give full play to the role of the leader of science and innovation, produce more scientific research results, cultivate outstanding students, and revitalize local economy and society by offering ideas and contributing more wisdom.


Cheng Gengdong thanked the Party Committee of Dalian and Municipal Government for their concern and solicitude. He said that with the support of the party and the country,  great achievements have been made in science and technology and intellectuals have received great respect and support.He also said that he would do his best to make new contributions to building a strong country in science and technology.


Wang Qiyao also visited the State Key Laboratory of Structural Analysis of Industrial Equipment, and learned details about the main research directions of the laboratory, the structure of academic teams, specific research projects and scientific research results, etc.. Finally, he highly praised the achievements of the laboratory in major national projects.