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The Party of University Announced the Appointment and Dismissal of Party and Government Leading Bodies of School of Mathematical Sciences

Oct 9, 2018 Shi Jinlu

The conference of new party and government bodies of School of Mathematical Sciences was held at on September 19th. Mr. Wang Hansong, party secretary, attended the conference and made request for the new bodies. Mr. Yang Bingjun, member of the standing committee of the party and minister of Organization Department, hosted the conference and announced the appointment and dismissal.


According to the decision, Mr. Liu Ximin would be appointed as the new secretary of the party committee of School of Mathematical Sciences, Mr. Lei Fengchun as the administrative dean, Yu Huadong as deputy secretary of the party committee, vice president and secretary of discipline inspection, Sun Zhuang as deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president, and Lin Chongjun, Liu Zhenxin and Wang Lei as vice presidents. At the same time, Lu Yufeng, Sun Zhuang and Zhang Liwei would be removed from the post of Dean, of Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and of Vice President respectively.


Secretary Wang Hansong said that since the previous party and government team took office, the quality of personnel training in the School of Mathematical Sciences has been continuously improved. The construction of the teaching staff has made great progress. The discipline has been steadily improved, so the ability to serve the development of higher education undertakings has been continuously enhanced. The achievements of the School of Mathematical Sciences were fully affirmed, so as to the work of the previous team with Lu Yufeng as the dean and Liu Ximin as the secretary.


Mr. Wang requested that the School of Mathematical Sciences should find a correct position in the construction of the first-class universities and continuously strengthen the characteristics of running schools. Mathematics is an important basic science, whose development is related to the foundation, support and stamina of the development of the school's natural sciences and even the humanities. The School should integrate the talent cultivation, academic team, scientific research and innovation to build a first-class discipline and highlight the core tasks of talent cultivation. Academic exploration should be integrated with country’s significant demands and great breakthrough should be made in prospective fundamental research, leading original achievements and constructive social impact. The team, like the leading geese, should be energetic and courageous, and unite the thoughts, actions, and strengths of all teachers and students to grasp the advantages and characteristics, and strive to build a world-class discipline as soon as possible.


He also requested that the school implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and practice new tasks in the times. We must take political construction in the first place and comprehensively strengthen the party’s leadership over the work of the school; we must firmly grasp the foundation of the university, and implement the spirit of the National Education Conference with a high sense of responsibility and dedication; we must seize the opportunity and dare to take responsibility and work hard; we must persist in advancing the strict governance in school to create a clean and positive atmosphere.


Liu Ximin and Lei Fengchun made statements and expressed their firm support for the decision of the party committee. The new leadership team of the School of Mathematical Sciences will take the lead in setting a good example and conscientiously perform its duties. We will unite the teachers and students to thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, promote the connotative development of the School, and live up to the expectations of the teachers and students with the leaping development. Lu Yufeng said at the meeting that he firmly supported the decision of the party committee. As a person majoring mathematics, I remain enthusiastic to our school and take the responsibility to promote its development and create prosperous tomorrow under the leadership of the new team.