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DUT Attending the Education System Video Conference to Study and Implement the National Education Conference Spiritual

Oct 9, 2018 Liu Jianing

On the afternoon of September 26, the Ministry of Education held a video conference of national education to convey the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the National Education Conference, and to mobilize the deployment, study, publicity and implementation. At the video meeting, the Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Education, Chen Baosheng, gave a counseling report. DUT set up a sub-conference to watch video conferences, members of leadership team, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the assistant of the principal, the main responsible persons of various functional departments and directly affiliated units, and the secretary of each second-level party organization attended the meeting.


Chen Baosheng emphasized that the education system should be guided by Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era. The party's overall leadership over education should be strengthened, and we should transform the major decision-making arrangements of the conference into accelerating education modernization, building an education power, and creating a satisfying and vivid practice of education for people. He said they would fully promote the education work in the new era to a new level, and make new and greater contributions to the Chinese dream of building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Chen pointed out that the National Education Conference was the first national education conference held by the Party Central Committee in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It had an epoch-making and milestone significance in the history of education development in China. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech systematically summed up the achievements and experiences of the development of China’s educational undertakings from the height of the party’s and the country’s overall strategic situation, deeply analyzed the new situation, profoundly explained the great significance of the priority development of education, and scientifically answered a series of fundamental questions, such as “which type human we should train and how to train”. They were extremely political, ideological, strategic, and realistic and were the leading text to draw an outline for doing a good job in education in the new era.


Chen emphasized that it was necessary to conduct in-depth study and understanding from eight aspects, comprehensively and accurately grasp the important speech of the General Secretary and the spirit of the General Assembly. First, the General Assembly summed up a major theoretical achievement, which was the General Secretary Xi’s important exposition on education. Its main content was "nine sticks." Second, the General Assembly profoundly expounded on a basic strategy that education was the country's and party’ s great plan, and must be prioritized. This important assertion fully reflected the role of education in the overall situation of the party and the state. Third, the General Assembly has clarified a historical fact that education has achieved historic achievements and must be firm and confident. Fourth, the General Assembly has clearly put forward an overall requirement that education should unite people, improve personality, develop manpower, cultivate talents, and benefit the people. This was a new positioning of the educational function in the new era. Fifth, the General Assembly systematically answered a primary question: to train socialist builders and successors for the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, and artistic work. A new assertion on the primary issue of education was put forward, and the fundamental task of the cultivating people was reiterated. Incorporating "labor" into the requirements of comprehensive development has enriched the connotation of the party's educational policy in the new era. Sixth, the General Assembly clearly deployed a key task that was to strengthen the construction of the teaching staff. It profoundly expounded the important position and role of teachers and fully affirmed the significant contributions of teachers. Seventh, the hard task of reform that must be completed by the General Assembly was to resolutely break the stubbornness that restricts the development of education. Emphasis was placed on reversing the unscientific orientation of educational evaluation, deepening the school-running system and education management reform, improving the economic and social development capacity of education services, and deepening opening up. Eighth, the General Assembly highlighted a fundamental guarantee for strengthening the party’s overall leadership over education.


Chen demanded that studying and propagating well and implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Education Conference and the spirit of the National Education Conference was the primary task of the current and future education system. Everyone must catch the working principles of "new, high, real, and deep" and methods of changing the tense, the voice, the state, and the mindset, and carry out the communication, propaganda, training, discussion, and investigation and establish "Five lists" management system for problems, issues, policies, tasks, and responsibilities. Till the end of this year, we should concentrate on energy, work hard, and grasp 100 days, play the role of the outline, and implement the spirit of the General Assembly, so as to drive the work of the education system. Next year’s work arrangements should be based on the thorough implementation of the spirit of the General Assembly, and earnestly study ways to deeply grasp in-depth measures, promote implementation from all aspects of various fields, and realize new achievements in education reform and development in the new era.


After the video conference, Wang Hansong, secretary of the DUT’ s party committee, re-deployed and re-emphasized the spirit of studying and implementing the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the National Education Conference. Wang pointed out that through the counseling report of Minister Chen Baosheng, it was of great significance to grasp the main points and key points of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech, to better study and implement the general secretary’s speech and the spirit of the conference, and to master the new methods of theoretical study. Next, the DUT’ s party committee would conscientiously implement the requirements of the party group of the Ministry of Education and make further arrangements for the study and implementation of the spirit of the conference, which all departments and units must attach great importance to. We should earnestly implement its responsibilities, and also the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, promoting the publicity of the spirit of the National Education Conference and promoting the construction of first-rate universities.