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Party Committee of DUT Announces New Administrative Team of the School of Energy and Power Engineering

Oct 22, 2018 Liu Jianing

On the afternoon of October 12th, the party committee of DUT announced the new administrative team of the School of Energy and Power Engineering. Secretary Wang Hansong attended the teaching staff cadre conference, giving full appreciation of their achievement and new requirement to their work. Yang Bingjun, the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of DUT and the director of Organization Department, read the appointment and dismissal decision. Mr. Yang Xiaofang, the secretary of the school party committee, hosted the conference and all teaching staffs of the school attended the conference.


According to the decision of the party committee of DUT, Tang Dawei was appointed as the dean of the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Jia Ming, Yang Mingjun and Dong Ming were appointed as the deputy deans while Wang Zheng and Mu Hailin were no longer the deputy deans of the school.


Mr. Wang Hansong said it was necessary to inherit and carry forward the good traditions of the School of Energy and Power Engineering. In recent years, with the goal of first-class discipline construction, the school has joined efforts of disciplines, professions, teams and talents, and has achieved progress in all aspects. The party committee of DUT appreciated the work of the previous leader group, and the teachers and cadres of their great contribution. It was hoped that the new leadership team would inherit and carry forward the good traditions of the school and lived up to the expectations of the party committee of DUT , all teachers and students, and created a better situation for the development of the school and our university.


Mr.Wang Hansong stated that political construction was the foundation and it was important to strengthen the party leadership in the school. It was necessary to strengthen the political leadership of the party, ensuring that the requirements of the party central committee would be implemented efficiently, and decisions of party committees of DUT would be rooted in the school. We must pay close attention to the party's ideological leadership. We should unify the ideology of whole staffs through Xi Jinping Thoughts on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era and the party's educational policies, adhere to the direction of socialist education, and strengthen the confidence in path, theory, system and culture. We must pay attention to organizational leadership of the party in DUT, ensuring that every party branch becomes a strong political bastion and every party member becomes a clear banner.


Secretary Wang Hansong stressed that it was necessary to continuously strengthen the construction of the leadership team, improve the internal governance system, and promote the overall quality and ability of the team. We should be brave and responsible, and further enhance our sense of responsibility and mission. We must carry forward good work styles and endeavor to serve teachers and students.


Mr. Wang Hansong stated that strengthening moral education was the fundamental task. We should implement the spirit of the ideological and political conferences and education conferences of the national universities, and cultivate qualified builders and reliable successors of the socialist cause. This is the starting point and foothold of the school work. Every teacher should regard moral education as their first duty, integrate ideological and political work into the process of education and teaching.


Wang Xiaofang and Tang Dawei made statements, expressing their firm support for the decision. They would thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, take the lead in setting good examples, perform their duties, and unite all teachers and students to make greater contributions to the leap-forward development of the school and the construction of the first-class university.