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The Party Committee of DUT Announced the Appointment of the New Party and Government Team of School of Mechanical Engineering

Oct 23, 2018 Shi Jinlu

On the afternoon of October 11, the party committee of DUT announced the appointment of the new party and government team of School of Mechanical Engineering. Wang Hansong, Secretary of the School Party Committee, attended the college's teacher cadre conference, fully affirmed the college's achievements, and raised requirements for the future work of the college. Yang Bingjun, member of the Standing Committee of the School Party Committee and Minister of the Organization, read the appointment and dismissal decision. Sun Wei, the new party secretary of the college, presided over the meeting, and all the teachers and students of the college attended the meeting.


The school party committee decided to appoint Sun Wei as the party secretary of School of Mechanical Engineering, Wang Yongqing as the dean of the college, Zhao Danyang, Liu Wei, Yang Rui and Li Jingmin as the deputy dean of the college, and to remove Kang Xudong's party secretary of the school, Sun Wei's dean, as well as Liu Chong, Ma Yue, Cui Yan's deputy dean.


Secretary Wang Hansong pointed out at the meeting that School of Mechanical Engineering had a correct orientation and a good development momentum. The school party committee fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of everyone. In recent years, the college aimed to create a world-class mechanical discipline, constantly emerging high-level teaching teams, featured distinctly in talents training, optimizing teaching staff, upgrading level of discipline construction, enhancing the ability of scientific research services and organizational construction, ideological and political work continued to advance. The achievements were made under the efforts of the team’s cooperation, sincere unity of all people of the college. The school party committee fully affirmed the work of the previous team and expressed thankfulness to everyone for their great contributions and the achievements made by the teachers and cadres.


Secretary Wang pointed out that the college should pay close attention to the times and improve the school-running pattern in serving the development of the country. The mechanical discipline is a comprehensive discipline based on the natural sciences and oriented to engineering technology. The natural attributes of the disciplines and the weight and status of the colleges in the development of DUT caused the college to firmly establish the service of the country in the strategy of building a strong country. The political and historical consciousness have taken the lead in building a first-class discipline and making a unique contribution to the mechanical discipline in the process of building and manufacturing a strong country.


Secretary Wang Hansong emphasized that with the spirit of the National Education Conference, college should be brave and responsible in the development of the new era. There were new actions in upholding the leadership of the college party, in strengthening the building of the leading group of the college, in grasping the fundamental tasks of cultivating people, as well as new things in exploring comprehensive reforms and stimulating the vitality of running schools and in serving the country's major needs. He said that they must do more work with more enthusiasm, more responsibility, and a more pragmatic style.


On behalf of the previous leadership team, Kang Xudong said that he fully supported the decision of the school party committee, and they would inherit the fine traditions of machinery and the red genes of the work, bear in mind the mechanical feelings, and always be concerned about the future development of machinery. Sun Wei and Wang Yongqing spoke on behalf of the new leadership team and expressed their firm support for the decision of the school party committee. They expressed that they would unite the teachers and students of the whole DUT, shoulder the mission, and move forward with ambition to make greater contributions to the development of School of Mechanical Engineering and the top-ranking university.