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Appointment of Party Leadership Group in Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering

Oct 23, 2018 Du Yichen

On October 11th, the Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering held a meeting in which DUT party committee announced the appointment of the new party leadership team in the Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering. Wang Hansong, secretary of the school party committee, attended the meeting and fully affirmed the achievements of the faculty and made demands on the work of the school.


The school party committee decided to appoint Yang Qing as the party secretary of the Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering, Zhang Chi as the ministeras well as Ning Dezhi, Li Gang, and Yu Long as the deputy minister.


Secretary Wang Hansong expressed his approval at the meeting that the Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering has distinctive characteristics and outstanding achievements which school party committee is highly recognized. In recent years, the faculty has fully implemented the party's educational policy, and has made great achievements in building high-end talents, promoted discipline construction, served the needs of the country, and enhanced reform and development.


The new leadership group should take the spirit of the National Education Conference as the general guideline and firmly grasp the developmental direction of the faculty. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the National Education Conference pointed out the importance of historical mission of the new era of education, especially higher education. The school has the responsibility to complete this historical mission.


The faculty must enhance the sense of urgency and take the responsibility of the development of the faculty. Everyone must unswervingly strengthen the leadership of the Party of the Faculty, the building of the leadership, promoting the reform and innovation, assuming the fundamental task of cultivating new people in the era, and unswervingly grabbing the historical opportunity. All of them will contribute to the acceleration of the construction of first-class universities.


On behalf of the previous leadership team, Dong Guohai expressed his firm support for the decision of the party committee. Yang Qing and Zhang Chi made statements and expressed their firm support for the decision of the party committee. They will unite the teachers and students of the school, set an example, build the first-class disciplines, and train top talents.