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The 2018 Technology Awards Conference Held in DUT

Oct 23, 2018 Du Yichen

On the afternoon of October 17, the 2018 Technology Awards Conference was held in the Academic Report Hall on the second floor of the International Conference Center. The school leaders, the memebers Standing Committee of the Party Committee, and the academicians of the two academies attended the meeting. Secretary Wang Hansong and President Guo Dongming presented to award Professor Jia Zhenyuan, who won the first prize of the National Technology Invention Award and Professor Jia Jinqing who won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.


Vice President Song Yongchen read the school award decision at the meeting and made a progress report on the school's science and technology work in 2018. The awards included the Science and Technology Award Matching Award, the Science and Technology Achievement Award, the Research Project Award, the Research Base Award, the Research Innovation Team Award, the Science and Technology Funding and Achievement Transformation Award, the International Cooperation Award, and the Science and Technology Work Contribution Award. He concluded the achievements in high-level team building and cooperation by production, study and research, pointed out the problems appeared in colleges technology and put forward development ideas aiming at the double top construction.


On behalf of the school, President Guo Dongming expressed warm congratulations to the winning collectives and individuals and raised five points on how to do a good job at the upper level:


1.   To do basic theoretical research, we must attach great importance to the frontier of the discipline and carry out the major needs of the country and the industry. The breakthrough in basic research will lead to breakthroughs in technology. Only by understanding the development needs of the country and the industry can we clarify the problem, and the basic theoretical research done is more targeted and easier to achieve results.


2.   To do technological inventions and creations, we must attach great importance to technological innovations for major needs. To understand the technical bottlenecks that constrain the major needs of the country and the industry, research teachers should go deep into enterprises and research institutes to understand problems, discover problems, and then carry out targeted technical research.


3.   To attach great importance to the GF project, first-class universities must have first-class GF research. The large space of the GF project is a major national demand and is the forefront of research.


4.   It is necessary to attach great importance to the construction of new liberal arts for economic and social development. To develop distinctive liberal arts, we must do research and make recommendations in light of current economic and social development issues.


5.   It is necessary to attach great importance to the interdisciplinary direction and the construction of interdisciplinary platforms, and foster new discipline growth points. To build a new discipline, we must also aim at the country's major development needs, and further strengthen the construction of disciplines such as artificial intelligence and big data research.


President Guo Dongming finally pointed out that the current school science and technology development faced new strategic opportunities. All teachers should take the reward conference as a new starting point, take advantage of the situation, work together, unite and make every effort to promote the science and technology work of our school.